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    Fendt Profi Plus S4 c/w loader

    Fendt Profi Plus S4 c/w loader Advert added by: Ben Wordsworth @Newland Farm Services Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £88000 Condition: Excellent Description Fendt 716 Profi Plus Top of range, front pto, weigh...
  2. Dave6170

    Narrow feed passage

    We have a long center feed pass in one of our sheds. We fill it with silage with the loader and what is left in the middle that the cows cant reach has to be graiped in by hand to each side. I'm getting fed up with it. Has anyone got any ideas how to make it easier? Have thought of a V plough...
  3. Farm Classifieds

    Fendt 939 Profi Plus

    Fendt 939 Profi Plus Advert added by: Crawfords Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £135000 Condition: Excellent Description Used Fendt 939 Profi Plus Vario tractor, 3914 Hours, 60km/h Vario Transmission, Front PTO, Comfort D/A...
  4. P

    Zuidberg front pto

    hi can i get some help please cutting long story short pto box packed up lack of oil i have changed the box found one online and looked and measured the same nearly as my old one mine goes on a unimog at the rear but looked to be from a kubota maybe been told fits the m series i think now i...
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    Case IH Puma 160

    Case IH Puma 160 Advert added by: Farmstar Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £55750 Condition: Used Description 40Kph 160Hp + Boost Cab & Axle Suspension 4 Electric spools Front Links 540/540/1000 Pto Semi...
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    AgriArgo revamps its mid-range tractors

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland AgriArgo has taken its mid-sized tractor ranges up a notch with power increases and a new transmission which features 24 ratios in both forward and reverse. The main highlight in both the Landini and McCormick model ranges is the new transmission which...
  7. Arceye

    Paul Peacock Hereford

    Hello has anyone dealt with this chap lately? are they ok. I want to buy a roller screeder and he seems a very decent genuine type on the phone and the kit is at a sensible price. They also trade in hydraulic breakers and pto generators. Comments appreciated. Ian
  8. Headless chicken

    Cost to setup and run an umbilical slurry system

    just a matter of curiosity. If we are all forced into nvz and our contractors become to busy I suspect this is a route we will be forced down. We currently only run one tractor on the mixer wagon and our self employed tractor driver stores his tractor here which has now been roped in temporarily...
  9. G

    Mf 5613 permanent live

    Is there anywhere I can pick up a permanent live in the cab it seems to isolate everything after switch off
  10. Deepseaman

    Hedge cutting

    New to this operation , but it has been thrown to me to look into. Firstly , do you need a creeper box , I’m bit concerned the tractor here may be too fast in first gear at pto speed . secondly , I would prefer it be three point mounted as opposed to axle mounts as the tractor does other duties...
  11. bankrupt

    Never had it so good!

    Tonight marks the 75th anniversary of the start of 1947 blizzard. By 14th March, when it ended, 2100mm of level snow had been measured in County Durham, 4m sheep lost in Wales and potato rationing introduced for the first time ever. My personal recollection is of dozens of our cows being...
  12. N

    Kuhn I Bio fire damaged long shot

    Just bought a fire damaged I bio at an insurance salvage auction and theres only half the PTO shaft with it, its a long shot but does anyone have it in there shed anywhere? It was bought new from Teme Valley tractors so it might have come from the north wales area. I would be willing to pay for...
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    Weaving Tine Drill 6m 2005

    Weaving Tine Drill 6m 2005 Advert added by: Alex Shutes Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £10000 Condition: Used Description 6 metre Weaving Tine Drill 2005 model with 3 rows of tines PTO driven fan Single Pre-em marker (removed currently) 2...
  14. Dave W

    Flail topper rotor speed

    Does anyone know roughly how fast a flail rotor spins? Got a bit of a project and trying to work some gearing out
  15. Farm Business RSS

    McConnel has unveiled the next generation of its acclaimed, low ground pressure, self-propelled crop sprayer, the Agribuggy2 AB30

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The all new Agribuggy from McConnel features a new Stage-V compliant Cummins engine, heavier-duty drivetrain and larger 3000-litres capacity spray tank for greater performance, durability, and output. With a ground pressure of just 8psi when the...
  16. M

    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    Hi I want to remove my drop arm lift rods to replace them with sturdier ones. Does anyone know how I go about removing the pin at the top of the lift rods (arrowed in the photo) does it need an Allen key in the end nearest to the wheel? Thanks Matthew
  17. GAM


    I’m looking at buying a 8ft topper; what’s the pro & cons of a fully off set one, as opposed to one that fits directly behind the tractor?
  18. jacobl741

    Bamford corn mill

    Anyone on here know what speed the shaft on a bamford roller mill similar to the one in the pic Should run at? And what sort of hp it would need? Cheers !
  19. Agriland RSS

    EMotive to go head to head with the Unimog

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Bringing electrical power to off-road vehicles is proving somewhat problematic, yet EMotive is one company that is preparing to take a bold step forward towards this goal. The company has developed a six-wheeled ATV that has a gross weight of up to 12t...
  20. M

    Massey 6180 powershift problems

    I have a massey 6180 that will not powershift when it is moving. If the tractor is stopped it will move through the powershift gears just fine. Once it is moving it will not shift unless it comes to a full stop again. I have changed the filters and checked the wiring the best that I could. Any...