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You'll struggle to ask nroso , a lot have been furloughed , permanently hopefully .
I noticed they hadn't replied to a email, thought they would be working from home, noticed they had no trouble in taking another 3 years payment off me for renewal though!
It appears they are not operating (if they ever did) at the moment.

BBRO weekly update has this at the bottom.

In response to the op. It seems there were only 3 webanirs that had NRoSO points available.
It mentioned that if you registered for those particular ones and listened/watched them, you would be sent an email with a "quiz" on those webanirs on the 12th of June or thereabouts......not seen anything in my inbox yet.

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Having engaged 2 sets of solicitors to carry out work for me in February, I have deduced that " working from home " actually means............doing f**k all.

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Glamorgan Wales
I watched 2 of the webinars, found them interesting
I asked how to gather the NRoSo points and was told a quiz would be sent today and to follow the instructions
Just received an email off Ally one of the team and the quizzes for Nroso cpd points that were ment to be emailed out today ,to all that registered to view the live Webinairs, are NOW due to be emailed out NEXT WEEK now?
The quest continues?


Arable Farmer
The whole Nroso organisation is staffed by an incompetent shower of shite. Jobs for the boys. Just my experience and opinion
I think you would like to have said the frontline staff (at shows etc...) are great but the the management, website and running of the organisation is rubbish. The list of training avents on the website is STILL several years out of date

New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

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New report underlines need for joined-up action to protect rivers

Written by Defra Press Office

A wide river is in view in a valley in the background, a drystone wall is behind the river, and large, green trees are prominent in the scene.

The Rivers Trust has today launched its State of Our Rivers report aiming to allow the English public understand and explore the health of their rivers on a national and local scale.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow and Environment Agency Director John Leyland attended the launch panel to discuss the ways in which the...