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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Adeptandy, Jul 14, 2019 at 11:26 AM.

  1. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    So, what’s the collective TFF view on this one.
    Already had a brief exchange of views, but don’t want to upset a partnership, but as the combine driver and co owner I think I should have final say.
    So here we go


    This is my preferred way of using the nut n bolt way of securing knife sections.


    Arrived at the combine yesterday to be greeted by this.

    Wasn’t impressed as I’d left instructions on how I’d wanted it done.

    So before I show my frustration Monday, who’s right ?
  2. Tim G

    Tim G Member

    Wormingford, Essex
    If I did it I'd have the nuts underneath but does it make any difference? I wouldn't want to fall out with someone about it.
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  3. Always used to have them bolt facing down but with nylock nuts?
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  4. Farmer_Joe

    Farmer_Joe Member

    The North
    my understanding it bolt in from top where possibly then if nut drops off theres a chance you could spot the lose bolt before losing blade, could be wrong though, i would have gone bolt in top regardless.
  5. Kevm

    Kevm Member

    If there is plenty of clearance underneath for the nut then "nut down" would be less likely to catch on the straw etc. I take it that the bolt head is slightly smaller than the nut.
    Are those nuts the sort that are slightly squeezed and grip the thread like a nylok.
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  6. Nearly

    Nearly Member

    North of York
    Nuts down. (Edit - on fingers)
    Edit - Nuts up on sections.
    Looks like you're doing them yourself from now on.
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  7. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Nuts on top for me then if you change the section again the same bolts do another time
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  8. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Pretty sure our NH would only take the nuts on top.

    That's how I've been used to them and never had an issue.

    HOWEVER....what surprised me when I first saw the photo was the nuts on the knife keepers being on the top! Mine have always been fitted bolt down from top.

    Surprised nobody on here has passed comment yet given they are all "nut down" advocates.
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  9. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    Always assume the bolt will be seized so nuts on top so best chance of getting socket on to crack the nut. If nut worn so cannot get a socket on then easy to grind off with universal spanner and punch through.
  10. gerr

    gerr Member

    Mid Wales
    One thing I have learnt since my 2 sons have come home is, is my way the right and only way.

    Before questioning why something has been done differently to the way I have always done it I ask myself a few questions: Will it work like that - Is it really wrong - Does it matter - Is it worth an argument about it - Do I want to discourage their progressive thinking.

    Believe it or not, I'm very proud to say that we never have a cross word and it is a pleasure to work alongside them

    So my advice is, does it really matter which way the bl00dy bolts face. The guy looks to have done a very tidy job and a pat on the back and a word of grateful thanks should be the Monday morning brief.
  11. Buzz

    Buzz New Member

    Nuts on top here too, handy for changing a broken section as same nuts and bolts do without having to even remove bolts, and bolts can’t drop out as there’re squeezed. Would imagine it would be more awkward changing a section with the bolt underneath. Never had an issue with them catching crop.
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  12. milkloss

    milkloss Member

    East Sussex
    Is that fresh paint? :woot:
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  13. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    That’s why I like them that way, saves a lot of work changing in the field and 3 times quicker.
    Doing it nuts down you have to replace bolts every time as the Class ones are squeeze to fit, had them work loose if reused and that then elongates the hole in the knife.
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  14. principal skinner

  15. KB6930

    KB6930 Member

    Exactly where if you squeeze them into the knife they stay put
  16. bobk

    bobk Member

    I'm with @Nearly , sections are correct , fingers are wrong imho
  17. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    Yes, typical standard for them I’m afraid, it’s ok if it looks pretty. Now have Class green on a MF combine
  18. quattro

    quattro Member

    New Holland knife nuts on top
    Fingers nuts underneath never known any different
    On new Holland you would have to knock the bolts out as there’s small splines on the bolts
    I know not mentioned but lifters scap bin!!
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  19. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    I didn't want them to do it his time tbh, but been stuck at home for the last 4 days as bitch rejected 9 pups, so been 2-3 houly feeds around the clock, not been to bed since Monday :cry:

    MF fingers use countersunk bolts which recess into the fingers, so have to be nuts up on them. :whistle:
  20. Rust

    Rust Member

    It has to be nuts up on a massey as the bolt is spined to fit in the knife bar and has a "thin " bolt head
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