Project Xerion.

Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by Cab-over Pete, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Into the waiting room.
  2. seedman stains

    lost in france
    With a girlie mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. ED.D

    ED.D Member

    Having a da ja vous moment here Pete!
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  4. herman

    herman Member

    Now that is a thing of beauty
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  5. Drillman

    Drillman Member

    North Yorkshire
    Down to local fabrication man hopefully(y)
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  6. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    I heard that one of them is to replace the 'nut' that holds the steering wheel...
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  7. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Can’t fault his resilience!
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  8. 76masseyman

    76masseyman Member

    Be great if the required parts turn up after all this time.

    Ironic that the op is called cab over Pete when the cab over bit is holding the job up.

    Very frustrating when you know what to do, how to do it, but some other muppet holds you up.
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  9. Pile of parts turned up at Evesham today so I drove down to collect them.

    Put my new wheels and tyres on them and managed to drive them all home! ;)


    We are on track again.

    Thanks @Chae1 for the heads up. (y)
  10. ARW

    ARW Member


    What’s going on the front links?
  11. Chae1

    Chae1 Member


    Is it fendt green?
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  12. bitwrx

    bitwrx Member

    They got you a proper saddle trac, instead of just the subframe? Winner!

    (Nicer colour as well...)
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  13. Lofty1984

    Lofty1984 Member

    Well pleased for you @Cab-over Pete looks the dogs danglers that does
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  14. Probably take them off to lose weight, planning a nice stainless tool box if time allows
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  15. No, the colours of a big German waste to land recycling company called Bollmer
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  16. Hold on a minute; this is a stitch up.

    You started with a Xerion 3300 and now have a Fendt edition 3800.

    What did you do: call those dudes at pimp my ride or something?
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  17. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    @carbonfibre farmer might make you a nice claas one.
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  18. I suggested it to the Claas salesman Ed Parker and, fair play to him, I gave him two weeks to get it here. He’s beaten that by a whisker so thanks to him. Good bloke.

    I’ll publicly apologise because I got my figures a bit mixed up but he was very good about it, had it all written down and accepted my apology. No falling out but I thought he had it wrong.

    I might have known it was actually me!!:rolleyes:

    Bit of work to do now!
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  20. :LOL::cool::eek:
    Front box is fine......just so long as no gears or cogs involved. :hungover::poop:

    @Cab-over Pete is this going to put you back on track for the season now? I take it you no longer need the subframe etc that did/didn't exist in Germany?
    It'll still comply for insurance purposes and legalities as you want?
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