Pushing performance – Strengthening the blight crusade


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Download PDF A drift retardant is proving to be a knight in shining armour by giving fungicides a bit more help in the battle against late blight. CPM finds out how it is supporting the crusade against blight. Full crop coverage is vital to prevent scattered infection. By Lucy de la Pasture Blight has always been a challenging disease, but since the Phytophthora infestans population changed dramatically in 2006, the fight against blight has become increasingly confronting. “Keeping late blight out of potatoes is a season-long campaign for growers and one that seems to be getting tougher as the years go by, with seven-day spray intervals now standard practice” says Stuart Sutherland, technical manager for adjuvant specialists, Interagro, with 10-14 day intervals now confined to a previous era when blight wasn’t as aggressive. AHDB has responded to the challenges presented by these new blight strains by producing extensive guidance to the industry on resistance management strategies for late blight, co-written by SRUC’s Dr Ruairidh Bain and ADAS’ Dr Neil Paveley and Dr Faye Ritchie. The guidelines specifically highlight the drift retardant Crusade for inclusion in blight programmes after work carried out at SRUC over a number of seasons showed improved…
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