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Just read about this new requirement for a calculation.

I’m not sure how they think farmers without a weighbridge will be able to estimate accurately the amount of crop that comes in from the field.

Is this them getting worried that farmers will start selling 10/20% as non-assured off the books and they want that squashed….?

Do we think Russia with be filling in the same records,. " insider trading" springs to mind, no way can this be legal, traders with be buying abroad as soon as the ink is dry then waiting for the money to hit them.


north yorks
years ago we stopped filling in the then june census as the results were released to the trade prior to the farmer , this then worked against the farmer as the trade had a good idea of what was in the ground and could estimate harvest tonnage . This is even worse and as such I will not be giving away sensitive financial information.

Phil P

Arable Farmer
North West
They can’t even spell properly . What’s Quatities. Maybe @Bald Rick might know.
You can see where this is heading though . Can’t sell grain unless you can prove you’re carbon neutral.
More like you can’t sell grain unless you can prove it’s yours! It will be to stop grain that hasn’t been grown on farm suddenly becoming assured as it passes through! Not that anyone would do such a thing.
But how long before you only get enough stickers for the amount of grain you say you have harvested or have in store. And if you have a bit of grain over it will be the Spanish Inquisition to see where it came from before you can sell it.


It's to stop me selling all my milling wheat through another farm. What a bunch of little Hitlers, it's not a legal requirement and as said non of their business.
Indeed there are some sections of the dairy herd recording compliance form, which asks for milk yield per cow or overall and so on that I fill in with the words NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I haven't even had a negative mention of it from my inspectors yet.

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