Robust watch that's not HUGE?

Mrs Lard needs a recommendation for a small or medium sized watch that's waterproof and tough.
She has small wrists. She's out in all weather training & working the dogs (& the weather we get here you'll be as wet some days as you would be going swimming) so it needs to be properly waterproof.
On-line searches are not getting her anywhere - if you put "womens" you get a list of ones that are pink with kittens on, or sealed, single use fitness step counters; if you search "waterproof" "shock proof" or "scratchproof" you get a list of ones that are 5-6cm across & stick up 3cm!.
She says if Suzuki Jimny made a watch that would be the one for her!!
Any inspiration guys?

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm. They’ve just launched a new range. 👍


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Google 'G10 watch', which will probably bring up 30 different manufacturers versions based on the military 'G10' style, which should be fairly compact and robust. Adverts will always say 'mens', but they're not that big. Should also be available with tritium illumination which will glow in the dark for years, or cheaper luminova versions. Cheaper versions have perspex 'crystals', better versions will have glass.
She might need to add another few holes to the strap with a hot pin.

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