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  1. What kit do you have as casts vary. Also you can go down the modem route which can be considerably cheaper than radio on initial setup.

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    I might be wrong but doesn’t the unlock go with the receiver, I’m only using Case branded trimble stuff but I can move the receiver between two machines.
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    Not sure. Will ask. Be great if it did. Ours is NH Trimble.
  4. If you have a NH Trimble 372 then you can swap it between other NH equipment providing it is autosteer Ready. The unlocks are for the receiver regardless of what machine it's on.

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  5. Matt77

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    East Sussex
    Same stuff then, again I could be wrong but I brought the radio and unlock code and use the same receiver on two machines running RTK
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    The receiver is in display on CFX/FM 750, FMX/FM 1000, TMX/XCN 2050.
    If you have an AFS or Intelliview display the receiver is on the roof in the 252/262/372.
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