Show us your David Brown Tractor!


Doggie bone Alliance tyres ?
Dowty screw on hyd fitting adaptor.,
Bar the advanced rusty state of the tinwork , how bad mechanically were either of them ?

Seems a Straight tractors you have bought there.
The yellow one runs but have had a lot of problems with the hydraulics so decided this new white one too good to pass up


How did it get in that condition? What’s its history?
I don’t know a great deal about it. I bought it from a guy in Wales maybe six years ago. He had left it standing outside for years having given up the tenancy of a farm and an associated small contracting business. The bonnet was straight and nose cone was intact at the time, this got damaged in transit. . It was sold to me as a runner, although I’ve not seen it running ... a replacement cab, bonnet and tyres would immediately have it looking very different and that was my plan .... once I’d checked out the mechanics a bit of course.

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