Show us your David Brown Tractor!

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by Selectamatic, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. New Puritan

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    East Sussex
    I'm surprised you've bought another, looks to be plenty of life left in that one...
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  2. jf850

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    Co laois
    Doggie bone Alliance tyres ?
    Dowty screw on hyd fitting adaptor.,
    Bar the advanced rusty state of the tinwork , how bad mechanically were either of them ?

    Seems a Straight tractors you have bought there.
  3. Netherfield

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    West Yorkshire

    Rear wheel sizes shown here, so 24" , 28" or 32" standard .

    36" would more then likely fit under that cab, but it's possible that the pick up hitch might not drop low enough or the link arms the same.

    The one pictured does look like the wheels aren't big enough, due to using common cab parts between models.
  4. manfromhill

    manfromhill Member

    The yellow one runs but have had a lot of problems with the hydraulics so decided this new white one too good to pass up
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  5. miranda

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    My 1690 Turbo, awaiting full restoration. Not sure I am ever going to get to it
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  6. Bob lincs

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    On the flat bit
    How did it get in that condition? What’s its history?
  7. miranda

    miranda Member

    I don’t know a great deal about it. I bought it from a guy in Wales maybe six years ago. He had left it standing outside for years having given up the tenancy of a farm and an associated small contracting business. The bonnet was straight and nose cone was intact at the time, this got damaged in transit. . It was sold to me as a runner, although I’ve not seen it running ... a replacement cab, bonnet and tyres would immediately have it looking very different and that was my plan .... once I’d checked out the mechanics a bit of course.
  8. Fendt516profi

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  9. New Puritan

    New Puritan Member

    East Sussex
    That looks cheap for the condition it's in? Photos can be misleading of course.
  10. manfromhill

    manfromhill Member

    Same as I paid for mine I’ve got less shiney paint but a few more lights and a beacon
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