Sim card that is not monthly

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Thanks all., it appears nothing sells with preloaded calls though.

Odd really as payg contracts were all over the place not many years ago
Mrs Y needed a new sim last year. She called in the local independent phone shop and got a voda payg and added 10.00 of credit. I have the same kind of payg and add credit in 25.00 blocks every few months, whenever I drop below 20.00. Living in no signal area we only carry them when we are out or when I go up the mountain.


I got a 20gb card on three , through amazon, last upto 2 years.
It goes in a 4g router monitoring solr and heat pumps so not sure about calls,
You cant get these on plenty on amazon
These are data sims not for phone use. I have exactly the same, bought for a car that I sold and now its fitted to a Huawei Wingle that is a wi-fi hotspot in my Honda. It enables internet radio and navigation route info and a few other apps to work on the Honda head unit, and also gives an alternative source for an iPad or similar. It can be unplugged from the car's USB port and used on any charger, battery pack, laptop or other device that has a USB port and where there is a 3G or 4G signal.
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