1. F

    Quad not running properly

    Hi, got a Honda FM420 not running properly. Sometimes is fine but sometimes won’t Rev up properly and cuts out. Seems worse when it’s hot. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Greythundercloudys

    Petrol strimmers.

    What a good make, have bought ones of ebay before cheapish, but need a better one, mcculloch?
  3. M

    Off road go kart

    Not exactly farm machinery…but looking to get an off road go kart for the kids (and possibly me…). Basically seem to be some good quality UK ones from Gemini Karts or quite a lot cheaper Chinese made options. On paper similar spec is about 1/2-2/3 price of UK built options. Just wondering if...
  4. Turnip

    Loyalty, dealer/brand, is it worth it?

    So in the next 6 months I'll have a bit of a shopping list of kit and additional wishlist for the next year's. Now I was always told that being loyal to a dealer was a good thing, discounts perks etc, and this almost always equals brand loyalty as that is the brand the dealer sells. Sometimes...
  5. T

    Quad bikes Wales

    Are Quad Bikes Wales an okay firm? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. Farm Classifieds

    Ken Wootton 9000 litre sprayer bowser c/w Honda pump & Chem Safe container

    Ken Wootton 9000 litre sprayer bowser c/w Honda pump & Chem Safe container Advert added by: Paul Davey @PMD Machinery Details Category: Trailers Other Trailers Price: £3450 Condition: Good Description Ken Wootton trailer converted to 9000 litre spray bowser...
  7. D

    Magic screed advice

    What do you need to look out for when buying a vibrating screed? What's a good size? 3 metre ?what do he think of the one in the link below? Or this one?
  8. C

    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    Hi, I have a quad quandary. I have never had a quad before but fancy one for taking small bale hay and water out to a few local paddocks and towing a small sheep trailer whilst moving sheep about, some short road trips of about a mile, we are very hilly. Should I go new or good used ? I do pay...
  9. Aspiring Peasants

    Sheep breeds why?

    Thinking about Neilo's post on another thread where he was describing his experience with Exlanas. Why do some people swear by some breeds and others swear at them. Is it different farms, systems, etc enough to explain it? For example I read a lot of positives about Lleyns and bought 50 from...
  10. L

    Ride on mower.

    Looking into getting a ride on mower. Having never owned or used one before not really sure what to be looking for or at. Criteria so far would be needs to collect the the cuttings and be capable of fairly undulating uneven lawn. What else should we be looking at ? Petrol /diesel... Would...
  11. G

    Lambing outdoors- catching ewe and lambs

    Just wanted to ask while this years lambing is still fresh in the mind. My flock lambs outdoors in May, this year, despite giving them several hours to bond first. I found it hard catching the ewes once they had lambed, I would either catch lambs, have her follow me into a pen, or failing...
  12. L

    Toyota Rav or Volvo xc 60

    Looking at both of these at moment(3to4 years old). Used to diesel and open to gearbox options. Has anyone any experiences either positive or negative of the above vehicles?
  13. MX7

    Gator/Rough terrain utility vehicles ???

    Is the strength of build,reliabilty about the same for all makes (Deere,Polaris,Kubota etc etc) of gator /rough terrain vehicles available in the uk? From what I have heard they all seem to be not that reliable and they aren't built strong enough for how they are used on estate and farm...
  14. Stags Agri

    June South West Timed Machinery Auction - 70+ Tractors, Diggers & Vehicles (1000+ Lots)

  15. Farm Classifieds

    [Other] Techheat Engineering Avacast GR 400

    [Other] Techheat Engineering Avacast GR 400 Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £7950 Condition: Description Avacast GR 400 trailed Suspension double axle...
  16. E

    Countax 50 Yanmar diesel

    Morning all. Has anyone had experience of these. I have seen a few older but tidy looking ones for sale. They appear to have a powered collector, electric height control and, on some, power steering. Also a JCB badged varient. Thanks
  17. S

    Triple gang cylinder mower for commercial use

    hi I am a new member, greetings to all 🖐 I am contemplating in purchasing a (second hand) ride on mower to cut a football field etc What would be the best mower to handle wet grass, good quality cut, ease of use and be reliable......please indicate your choice and giving reasons as to why ? Thanks
  18. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  19. S

    quadbike wales!!!!! BEWARE !!!

    Is it me or is this out of order? Ordered exhaust silencer for quad front pipe arrived,rang and explained that i ordered silencer,no apologies even though i'd waited 2 weeks for it,just said a new silencer is over £600 so I obviously said I wont bother,they said i could return the wrong exhaust...
  20. T

    Best quad for slug pelleting

    Hi, just wondering what atvs people are using for slug pelleting? I have a honda 500 but the frame and carrier is weak and keeps breaking. I dont want to go the trailed route and make a boggie and i dont want a utv as they wouldnt suit me. Just wondering what the strongest build atv is out there...