Small group of 6 metal detecting friends looking for a farm to detect for a weekend, £150 for 2 days digging :)

No fuss, No stress! 6 mates looking for some farm fields to detect for a weekend metal detecting trip 8am to 4pm, all experienced and insured and members of an Essex metal detecting club wanting a lads camping trip away. We follow any rules set and stick to all boundaries set. We are all good blokes looking to get away for a weekend and enjoy our hobby of finding history. We are looking for anywhere potentially in the UK as long as there is no green waste on the fields or heavily metal detected as we don't expect to find fame and fortune but like to have a chance at least. We all wear Hi-Viz while digging for easy locating and observing for the land owner and show all finds before we leave site with any finds of high value being recorded if lucky enough to find, valued, possible sold at auction or to a Museum and money split 50/50. References available. Any questions please feel free to ask as we take pride in being straight forward, honest and no stress.

Michael Lee Gerstmann.

Advanced analytical services for agriculture

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We have added a number of new products for lab analysis. Need an analysis right now? Easily access the most popular analyses on Farm Marketplace.

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Simply purchase the service you require and you will receive an email on where to send the Soil /Silage / Forage /Hay for analysis.

The lab then do the analysis and email you the results. Its as easy as that.

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