The great global warming scam, worth a listen I think.

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by banjo, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. banjo

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    Back of beyond
    i think global warming is happening, but it's not us that's doing it. It's the earths life cycle of the sun heating up the earth and the sea then creating more co2, or less when it's cooler, the delay in the sea warming or cooling is many years simple.
    A hell of a lot of scientists believe the same and this realy good vid explains the whole thing in detail, cracking documentary that will open a few eyes.
    Hope you watch it as its proven science not dream world stuff.
  2. Global warming has been down scaled to climate change.......but the climate has always changed.

    Problem is governments have confused the side issue of climate change with the far more important one of energy conservation and pollution control.

    We need to conserve the earths energy resources.

    We need to control pollution to prevent it killing and making folk ill.

    However if the climate is changing naturally just get over it.
  3. Oat

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    I haven't watched the movie, but does it argue the earth is warming or cooling? In the longer term (1000s of years) scale, we are actually in a cooling stage, but in the shorter term (centuries and decades) there is a clear correlation between increased CO2 (from industrialisation) and increased temperatures. This increase is so clearly correlated with industrial CO2 output, and increases so significantly that it cannot all be due to natural climate change.

    The good news- we are actually entering an Ice Age, so in the long term the current 'global warming' is insignificant;)
  4. Osca

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    I have watched the start and will watch the rest this evening. It certainly seems to square with the bullying atmosphere of the pro-global warming argument.
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  5. Has this got anything to do with the 6 degree shift in the earths axis....I guess a bit more wobble.?
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  6. bovrill

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    East Essex
    But I looked at the end credits too, and it's a Channel 4 programme from 2007. It's mad that with all the constant bombardment of stuff from the climate change zealots, we have to watch a ten year old documentary to get an alternative view.
  7. Campani

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    Maybe its because 97% of scientists agree that climate change is caused by human co2. I don't understand how people can believe any alternative for climate change other than the fact that there Is a lot of people on the earth and we are all burning a lot of fossil fuels.
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  8. Muck Spreader

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    So it's natural disaster that's OK then, we will sit back and do FA about it.:banghead:
  9. lazy farmer

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    som/dor border
    its because its convenient to believe that we are not to blame and can carry on as before.people hate change.
  10. banjo

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    Back of beyond
    You need to watch it, it goes into detail about co2 and co2 is not the cause, the evidence is from arctic ice studies, upper atmosphere coldness when it should be warm ( it isn't ) the historical evidence shows the truth of it and it's the symptom of the sun heating the earth up not the other way around. There is detailed info showing co2 follows not causes, it all nonsense.
    Your going to have a shock when you listen to real evidence not half truths, hope you watch it.
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  11. Fromebridge

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    A shorter vid that argues something similar. A bit technical but a refreshing view all the same.

    Synopsis: North pole icecap is melting but only on one side, it's growing on another because the magnetic north pole is moving (it used to be over Canada, now over Siberia).

    'Global warming' is actually occurring when the 'heat' from the sun (we don't get heat from the sun, it becomes heat when the radiation interacts with the magnetic field and atmosphere) follows this magnetic field, so the hottest parts of the atmosphere are shifting. Hence some areas are becoming warmer than they used to be (which is what we hear about) and others getting cooler (which is what we don't hear about).
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  12. turbo

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    Just because some scientists who's future funding depends on them being able to blame man kind for a natural phenomenon then i will be sceptical.Nothing has happened that hasn't happened before that's why we always get since records began which makes it sound a lot worse than what it is because most records only go back 100 years,not a long time in planet years
  13. banjo

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    Back of beyond
    You can't do anything about it because humans only create 0.015 percent of co2 worldwide. Volcanoes put that out in a day, animals put out a large amount, leafs rotting on the ground put more out than humans in a year, it's laughable.
    You tell me how to adjust the sun and you can do something about it, if not just don't worry about it cos it's a natural. More sunspots, more hot activity warming the earth, less sunspots it cools down, not rocket science.
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  14. banjo

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    Back of beyond
    I don't say there isn't climate change cos there is, but it ain't us, it's the sun and when you figure out how to cool that down let me know.
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  15. Simon Chiles

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    I wasn't so sure that I wanted to be farming if we hit the next mini ice age but having consulted my book about the agricultural records since AD 200 I discovered that in the Maunder ( 1645-1715 ) and Sporer ( 1460-1550 ) minimums the weather wasn't all bad, in fact they had some good summers so I've decided not to panic.
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  16. rob1

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    remember watching that or something similar agood while ago, there was a claim that some ice samples showed much higher CO2 several hundred years ago
  17. Fromebridge

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    I heard somewhere there's 1.5 trillion dollars in the 'global warming' budget (taxes, grants for research, etc)
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  18. banjo

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    Back of beyond
    The science is still the same and is proven to be correct and totally destroys all gorrs film because the evidence used in his own film proves he's wrong.
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  19. rob1

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    As usual follow the money it always points to the view point
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