The I want a new car but havnt a clue what thread

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by michael N123, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Finn farmer

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  2. If your going LS, add a bit of boost to increase the fun factor...:sneaky::LOL:
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  3. Bollox. Mk 1 TT is a great car and those that can’t see that are either blinkered or lacking in confidence of their own sexuality/ gender. Less than 2k to get a nice example, quick but safe - grip from all 4 wheels makes such a difference. May not suit all tastes, but certainly not a “girl’s car”.
  4. Mouser

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    near Belfast
    In a similar situation although current car worth virtually nothing. Was looking at r32 golfs but tax is£550 a year apparently
    Would be rather steep for doing 6k miles
  5. Courier

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  6. Farma Parma

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    Nowt wrong with the Seat Leon ive had two & wouldnt go past them...
    Poor mans Audi maybes but when the current one i have is based on GolfMk7 or in fact its 90% a GTD Golf mk7 there is little to beat them.
    features n spec wise. 55mpg 180 odd horses & £20 roadtax i'll be keeping it a long time me thinks.
    The Skoda is still the most under rated Car from the VAG stable...
    If only SEAT could release there version of the VW's Amorak at sensible £££ id buy one.
  7. mtx.jag

    mtx.jag Member

    Just sold my Leon cupra,best car we have ever had,would have another one tomorrow if we could justify three cars (y)
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  8. To be honest it might be worth looking at a hybrid of some kind, Lexus make some nice ones, you could do the daily commute on electric.
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  9. Finn farmer

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    I've been thinking of buying a Lexus Rx 450h or Is 300h. Yes they're completely different cars but i quite like the looks of both. Or maybe i buy another Mercedes, W205 would be natural choice since i've a W204 right now.
  10. melted welly

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  11. wpwj

    wpwj New Member

    Has anyone mentioned Subaru's?
    Had a few here now and I still keep buying them! You could spend half your budget on the best pre '05 Outback with the 3.0L H6 engine. Amazing tools IMO. Proper 245hp Q car. V comfortable and a properly reliable car - I have always avoided the 2.5L cars re head gasket issues. Easy and cheap to service too. Maybe not the 'coolest' thing out there.....!
    Or a good WRX impreza - literally the best fast all weather car ever built.
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  12. Ducati899

    Ducati899 Member

    north dorset
    Dunno why but I always wanted a Mitsubishi evo,I still look occasionally and if the right one comes along who knows,just has to be the right colour and have the right wheels on it
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  13. Why am I not surprised!?
  14. DieselRob

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    North Yorkshire
    I suppose you're getting on towards mid life crisis age now eh!
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  15. Ducati899

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    north dorset


    Just need to find one like this,don’t want the bigger one though,too much turbo lag or I’ll just stick to bikes and change the bmw again
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    Oooooh now we talking, I passed up on a HKS 360 once in red!! What a stunning car that was :love:
  17. wdah/him

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    am I the only one that sort of fancies a Octavia vxr, are they all awd. might be step down from a disco 3 but surely even a petrol one would be better on fuel
  18. He is a front driver I thought?
  19. Wellytrack

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    Evo Engines are hard as nails, the rest of the car isn’t :(
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  20. Wellytrack

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    Option of a Haldex now. Diesel only though (n)

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