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  1. JCfarmer

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  2. 4am power restored :eek::banghead::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty::shifty:. Water fixed up and going where it should be again. Vat washed and going to bed for an hour:( Big:poop:to the power company:mad:
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  3. Shutesy

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  4. blue power

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    IMG_1490034626.789081.jpg out getting a load of wood today to burn in my log burner
  5. Nearly

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    Only have 30 acres so happy to look after it well. Pigeon man had a good do this winter and Zantra agronomist knows I want it to perform. There are a few thin patches but it's all there.
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  6. Probably that old can of neonic seed treatment he found in the shed that helped :whistle::p
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  8. sleepy

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    Devon, UK
  9. Sorry, remembered wrong. Medium people allowed :D


    They're a bloody expensive wheelbarrow....

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  10. mrs mtx

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    IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2354.JPG Picked up some bales of straw off a neighbour (y)
    (Excuse the reflective running trousers clashing with my wellies :facepalm:)
  11. Driving the Manitou now Sarah! You must be registered at the @Flossie school of farmer's wifery :D:whistle:
  12. Kiwi Pete

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    Owaka, New Zealand
    Safer on the ground, those wee birds. They were falling out of the sky nearly every week for a while :eek::dead: thanks to dodgy tail rotor parts IIRC
  13. Greenbeast

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    East Sussex
    Yesterday at work,

    Decided it was about time to shovel this shingle up after successive pairs of calves had chewed the bag down, before the next pair come in


    Went picked up a new digger track from a guy with a couple of identical machines, grabbed my steel stock and forge flue from my old workshop and this teagle tipmix too (workshop at parents farm), it'll need some brackets to fit it to my zetor but should be handy and not missed where it came from ;) )


    Today, hobbling round the yard like a one legged man...



  14. Flossie

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    Bonus points for doing it with a child in tow (y):)
  15. mrs mtx

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    Ye that was totally me :whistle:
  16. robbie

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    the brecks norfolk
    Put the fert spinner on first thing then the wind started to blow so tool the spinner off again and put the muck spreader on and had a day flinging poo. 1490042923277.jpg 1490042938115.jpg
  17. DaveJ

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    We had an R32 crash on landing at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel a few years back and I think that was down to tail rotor failure. Pilot put it down on a 45 degree slope and both occupants got away with minor injuries although the chopper was burnt out. The RAF rescue crew who turned up were most impressed at his flying skills.
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  18. Pan mixer

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    Near Colchester
    I love mucking out in a wind - the windscreen was spotless when I started. :poop:

  19. BobGreen

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  20. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    Bit of grab action today:) IMG_2261.JPG IMG_2269.JPG
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