What % have you sown

Now the easier ground is being drilled, I thought it would be interesting to find out what has astually been planted by end of today and then perhaps do the same again in a weeks time

So my scores on the doors are ,,,,,,,, rape a total failure,,,,,,,, grass seed drilled and coming through,,,,,,,, no cereals drilled at all
If you haven't got your location up it would be interesting to know


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OSR 100% ok - no insecticide / FSS - 50% of it is very backward though so will be a nightmare keeping pigeons off this winter

Wheat - just started this morning - so about 30ac in so far ! not ideal conditions but it should grow

Mr chips

N yorks
Filey North Yorkshire.
OSR drilled 11 August looks superb no insecticide. Winter barley in and ok . Wheat 40% drilled and don’t think we shall drill anymore. Most importantly Potatoes 75% lifted.


75% rape eaten by beetle, no cereals drilled, at the very best only a third will be planted before Xmas, at the moment not looking good for even that much!


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East Sussex
100% osr in and looks great, 1 insecticide and graminicide.
Only do 20ish acres a year of winter barley for our own cattle, that’s in but isn’t pretty at all!
0% wheat yet, just started to spray off today, we’ll need it to dry a lot more before the drill comes out.


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20ac wheat sown, and that's not mine. Crazy enough to grow spuds (40% lifted) but no osr here. Barley might go back end of the week. Wheat on heavy land needs patience...and dry weather.
Guessing we'll get about 2/3rds planted. 4% sown up.


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south norfolk
100% rape in and all looking well and getting on for knee high.about 60% barley in and around50% wheat but some of the seedbed looks questionable.just the heavy wet soggy stuff to go and really needs 3/4 days of sunny windy weather to get on again.south norfolk based,Bunwell.


E. Wales
0% ploughed/ planted, unlikely to be anything planted now, until April. 30 mm of rain currently forecast for Friday.
Mustard and the volunteer wheat, it's growing alongside , from early September has either failed or is about 3" high, yellow and stunted.

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Drilled all my rape mid to late August. If seed had turned up on time like it did last year in early August, we would have a good crop instead of having lost half of it to CSFB.

Winter Barley (all Hybrid) seed arrived late (having been stuck in a Norfolk store for 5 weeks!) but got planted on 20 - 22nd September. All rolled and looks good.

Home saved Wheat seed dressed here early September, but didn’t want to drill till after the Barley. Have snatched it all in by 9th Oct on to Aug/Sept ploughed land. Not managed to roll any but have got pre-em of 4 litres crystal + 0.2 DFF.
Coming up we’ll (ish!) except for headlands a few wet spots. All has had Slug pellets. I won’t expect to get to our average yield next year.

Never managed to get the Avadex on anything.

Still got one field that should have come Oats that the seed never turned up for (same supplier as the Rape!). Have enough wheat seed to drill it, but it is now very wet.

Had my Barley seed turned up on time I would have got it in earlier and drilled at least half the wheat before the weather turned. The rest would still have gone in reasonable conditions.

Feck this late drilling malarkey!
I know I can control Blackgrass plenty well enough here if I plough it, combi drill it and use my pre-em plus Avadex.

I’m gonna go back to starting drilling cereals on 15th Sept next year.

As for the rape, what I have got is conventional and will be planted straight off the heap early August next year.
And This year’s seed supplier is only going to get sent half its bill when it becomes due in December!

Suppose I should be happy that I have got nearly all of it in. But still very cross with suppliers delivering late seed.
This is not a farm that you can farm once it gets wet.
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Not a seed planted here. Just put the sprayer on for the first time since t3 and a quick test run up the lightest field on the farm and we wont be planting this week judging by the wheeling at the ends. This is the first time i have had a tractor in a arable field since sept 22nd.


Here in the north of Spain a lot of rain, Almost nothing has been planted and we have a deep storm above our heads for the next 2 days. The issue of planting is wrong. This has not happened for many years. I have not sown a seed


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55% of the wheat sown by tonight. 4% unlikely to ever dry out before the end of April.

20% of osr written off by flea beetle & will be sown with spring oats in March unless it makes a miraculous recovery.
30% viable but small and half munched. It will be a long winter keeping the pigeons off.
50% ok but still a lot of ground showing. No sign of larvae yet.

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