Who needs a Header trailer?!


I think you would soon go back to a header trailer if you had to drive on the road with half of a 20ft header stuck out in front of you. Besides the visibility problems I think it would be very unbalanced and going down hill if you had to use the brakes it would stand on its nose
Here's one have been around for years! Think max is 18ft maybe 20ft?View attachment 824383
not much use really, from a big arable farmer down to a small mixed farmer, and bet the cost is more extra than a header trailer, big farmers will just drive field as no hedges its bad enough you trying to get a hedderless combine off a narrow lane, without it being any longer


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had a lely folding table combine worked well and cut laid corn with grass better than mf415 then had trouble with knives running into each other you could turn sprocket to make half a link still trouble brother took chains in wobble box off and trouble solved chains worn unevenly! two new chains and away to go cutting flat grassy corn no problem looked round and was on fire! end of a good combine and a great idea


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They are very good, you need a colleague to walk along side to see what's happening and if needed he can adjust the wind direction with the control levers that are next to the windows.

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