1. Tha Ulsterscot

    Disc mowers?

    So having run into trouble in very heavy grass crops today with the old drum mower, I'm starting to think about a new disc mower.(now remember the THINK bit) . What have others bought and what sort of money is involved? needs to be 8 ft. cut and could do without a conditioner.
  2. A

    Heatime Collars

    Does anyone know the current suppliers of the Heatime collars. After the HR-LDn ones. Used to go as SCR heatime. At one point NMR supplied them, maybe they still do. Heard it's Allflex now but they are sounding vague and quoting for parts I don't recognise. Thanks
  3. M

    Collar Refurbishment

    After the internal Batteries are depleted and your Collars no longer Function I am now in Full Refurbishment mode... 1 Dishwasher Rinse & 30 Degree Clean 2 Bandsaw Cutting The Clam Shells 3 Battery Removal & Ingress Check 4 Removal & Replacement of Broken or Damaged Antenna Wiring 5 Power...
  4. Stags Agri

    Sale of 11 Vintage Tractors, JCB 3CX Sitemaster Wheeled Digger, 2 Toyota L200 Pick Up Trucks - Wellington, Somerset. 26/6/21

  5. S

    Heavy hay bales

    Afternoon all! I run my own hay making equipment and also help other farmers bale theirs into round bales, we have a lely/welger rp445 and are always asked to turn the density down when we are baling their hay to prevent it warming. it makes no difference to me how they want their hay baling...
  6. Fragonard

    Fendt vs MF Prices

    Is there any difference in prices between MF and Fendt balers and tedders? For identical machines. Just wondering... Thanks.
  7. Rick.banks

    Kuhn suppy problems

    Whats the record for ordering kuhn kit and it not turning up? I'll start... ordered a baler 7 months ago for march delivery, still not here... can't be on my own here!
  8. farmer92

    Lely lotus combi 300 tedding settings, help needed

    Hi all Got myself a Lely lotus 300 combi but I’m having trouble getting it to ted well, doesn’t seem to be doing a good job and is leaving it with an almost rowed up effect. Have altered top link, wheels under the rotor etc, book says to have higher speed and lower rpm but still getting the...
  9. Agriland RSS

    Saber deal sealed: MSD acquires LIC Automation

    Written by Agriland Team MSD Animal Health has agreed to acquire the assets of LIC Automation (LICA) from New Zealand-based, farmer-owned cooperative Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC). Kiwi firm LICA manufactures and supplies specialised, integrated herd management systems and...
  10. zsnotdead

    Trailed Vs mounted mower

    What's the advantages/disadvantages of a mounted mower over a trailed, thinking of changing my trailed, mounted are cheaper,lighter weight but have they the same workmate,does a mounted have issues on the corners or just different .looking at a krone
  11. James

    Front mower conditioner

    Can any of them spread the grass the full width like rear mowers can? And which use a spool to raise and lower and which use the linkage? May seem daft questions :banghead: but total front mower novice here Tia
  12. T

    Hay turner

    Hi Folks Looking for a hay turner. Something that can be used also in silage to narrow row the swathes so the wagon reel can pick up. Scotland ideally but open to suggestions pvt me.
  13. Hillside

    Plain front Mower 3.2m

    Looking for a 3.2m plain front mower Prefer lely but would consider other makes. Thanks George
  14. Devon lad

    Pottinger novadisc mowers

    Looking at buying a used 3m pottinger novadisc mower. It’ll be mainly for pre-mowing in front of the dairy cows and the odd field for silage, would only really cut 5 acres in 1 go, but still need it reliable. Blades need to be easy to change. Would it be to heavy for a JD2650 4WD? Some of our...
  15. W

    Lely mower

    had this lely mower con 3.2 from new for 4 years.this year we have put a case 165 on the front and I’ve mowed about 10 acres of 40 and the belts that drive the conditioner had broke with heat off the pulleys and gearbox. Iam in a nice crop of new seeds mowing speed 13 kph.how hot should the...
  16. andybk

    New small drum mower ?

    Small farm here , been happy with our old PZ165 just one incident where we lost the saucer on a tree root , are all the new various copys , same design ie sealed gearbox bearings , removable cover (4 bolts ) or any to avoid for being cheaply made .thanks
  17. vester_farming

    Anyone tried to buy parts from Milcotec.com?

    Hello fellow farmers :) I found this site on the web https://milcotec.com, it seems that they have a lot of different parts for Lely robots in stock and their online shop looks reliable but does anybody tried to buy from them? Thanks and have a wonderful day.
  18. gavd

    Which part of forage making to take in-house first?

    Looking for a bit of advice on which bit of machinery to purchase first to do a bit more of our silage/hay/straw making in house. Just a small place so around 2-300 bales silage, 100-150 bales hay and 150 straw yearly. All done in 4 ft rounds. Currently we have a 120hp tractor and 70hp loader...
  19. farmer dave136

    Front seed tank

    Does anyone know if its possible to add a front tank to a combi drill and use it to fill into the back tank to gain extra capacity Thanks
  20. fiat 9090

    whats the best 4 row tedder

    hi,im just wondering what is the best 4 row tedder fo tedding out heavy ten ft silage swards ,a sh one and 4000 of a budget and about 200 acres max over ten weeks 30 acres per day will be the max we will need its just a few of our customers have asked