1. Dave W

    Guess the part

    These clamp type things came in with some spares. Some plastic, some alloy. Any ideas?
  2. I

    New Holland t6.175 air brakes

    I have 2013 t6.175 50 k 17x16 with air brakes. the 17th gear has disappeared from the monitor and is not engaging. The compressor for the air brakes has stopped working aswell so the pressure isn’t building on the air brakes. would this be the cause of 17th gear not showing up and is there any...
  3. Compshire Farmer

    Tractor mud flaps

    Anyone got any of these? Made by Concept Engineering or has anyone done something similar?
  4. Agriland RSS

    New Holland supports energy independence with Italian partnership

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The idea of farms being independent of the established energy distribution infrastructure is hardly new. It was only with the coming of the combustion engine and the electricity grid that farmers become reliant upon external inputs to any great degree...
  5. Stags Agri

    South West November Online Timed Sale of 50+ Tractors, Vehicles etc (850 Lots) - Closing on 5th December 2021

  6. Greythundercloudys

    New Ford ranger 2022.

    Kind ugly lights front on it.
  7. warpmyster

    Berthoud sprayer problems,

    i have a new to me berthoud mack sprayer with dp tronic box, it has a cable to take speed from the tractor, all conected but the speed fluctuates all the time 5kph- 25kph- 85kph. which means l/p/hec wont settle i think the 2 are linked? any ideas? tractor is a t6 2020 newholland and connected...
  8. C

    Newholland t7 210 tier 4b

    error code 14119???? cant seem to find any info if anyone could help tia
  9. D

    EA’s U4 10 ton storage requirements for biomass

    Is anyone else struggling with this rule? trying to get a lorry is hard enough but to only be allowed to store 10 ton at a time is frustrating when a lorry carries 2.5 time’s that amount.
  10. V

    Ad blue delete recommendations

    I’m wanting to delete ad blue of my valtra T4 and give it a remap at same time . Recommendations on firms who can do this ?
  11. Y

    Which tractor please.

    Good evening. Am new to the forum and also to the world of tractors. I’ve been in haulage for the best part of 15 years but come out of it pre covid. I am looking at the idea of buying a tractor and trailer for moving my plant from home to a site I will be renovating over the next few years...
  12. Farm Business RSS

    British climate-friendly farming on display at Lord Mayor’s Show

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business British farmers are taking to the streets of the City of London to showcase their role in producing the best of British climate-friendly food, commitment to caring for the farmed landscape and progress towards a net zero future. After a postponement...
  13. ColinV6

    New Holland pickup hitch won’t release..

    Can’t work out what the issue can be. The lever in cab on the T5 moves about an inch and no further. There’s no pressure on the pin that locks the hitch up you can move it with your finger. The silver lever down below that attaches to the release cable looks to be all ok etc? Has anyone else...
  14. MX7

    The idea that cattle are one of the main producers of methane,being pushed worldwide as much as in Uk?

    I ask the above as the planet doesn’t begin and end with the Uk!!
  15. FendtRunner86

    Tractor looks

    What brand takes the lead in design?
  16. Joe7740

    New Holland T6040

    Hi guys. We recently purchased a T6040 with the electro command transmission (SLE essentially) when on PTO or auto transport mode the EPM symbols lights up on the dash. I've been told today from a guy that the electro command T6000's don't have EPM but the symbol will still light up on the...
  17. Manny

    New Holland breakers

    Hi I'm looking for a left hand drop arm lower yoke for a new Holland. Should be the same on TSA 125/135, 6050, 6070, 6080, 6090 and all T6 models. I can fine case ones which are slightly different but would like one to match. Any ideas who may have one?
  18. W

    Case puma cab knocking

    Got a sporadic knocking noise coming from the steering column area of the cab. It’s difficult to pin point because you need to be moving to get it going. I know it’s not the handle that moves the steeering wheel up and down. Any ideas before I start taking things apart.
  19. C

    Which 100/110 hp loader tractor

    Hi Needing to add a 100/110 hp loader tractor to be used round the yards but also capable of mowing and carting bales down the main roads. What are peoples recommendations? Currently have a tl100a on 10000 hrs has been faultless but needing more power and strength Thanks in advance
  20. Agriland RSS

    Rare gems to be on display at Midlands Machinery Show

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Machinery dealer Russell’s is celebrating its 100th year of serving the agricultural community by exhibiting two real show-stoppers at this year’s Midlands Machinery Show. The first is its carefully restored 1970s Russell 3D tractor, which will be shown...