1. mixed farm

    New Holland T6

    Anyone driving the new new Holland 6 cylinder T6 160?
  2. N

    New Holland Tractors

    We are looking at purchasing two new tractors and New Holland are very competitive, however we keep hearing they have reliability issues and downtime can be very expensive, does anyone have first hand experience if this is correct or is it just gossip, we are looking at a T315 & T270 and have...
  3. W

    4 cylinder question.

    Currently running a 160hp 6 cylinder but looking to change it shortly. It’s main jobs are ploughing with a 4 furrow reversible, 3 meter power Harrow, bailing, cutting silage, slurry tanking and silage/grain haulage with 12 ton trailers. Thinking about changing it for a 4 cylinder, the 6130R...
  4. t6 175

    New Holland d1010

    Hi Problems with second knot not tying , it might happen with all 4 at the same time , any ideas will be helpful ,new Holland d1010 , is there a set tension on bottom twine springs ? Thanks
  5. L

    Toyota Rav or Volvo xc 60

    Looking at both of these at moment(3to4 years old). Used to diesel and open to gearbox options. Has anyone any experiences either positive or negative of the above vehicles?
  6. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    Anything on demo? Thoughts & observations... Since Monday this has been here on triple mowers, trailer and tanker Verdict ... it's not a John Deere
  7. Hillside

    Tractor comfort

    After another day bouncing about on a tractor with cab and front suspension that leaves me sore at night what is a comfy tractor to sit in all day and not feel like a can of irn bru ready to explode 🤯!!
  8. W

    Tractor hours

    How many hours is reasonable for a second hand tractor? I understand some is more then others but my understanding is limited to distance on cars, not hours on tractors unfortunately. Thanks.
  9. Agriland RSS

    Up to speed as New Holland supports Prince’s Countryside Fund

    Written by Justin Roberts New Holland, for the second year running, has lent its support to the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) and its Up to Speed Scheme. The purpose of the PCF is to promote a “robust and sustainable rural community” and this element of its work aims to bring the latest...
  10. MJT

    Sensible reliable Telehandler

    Currently run a merlo 32.6 telehandler, after trading in our old 26.6 years ago . The newer machine has given so much more problems , mostly electrical or sensors etc, as well as stupid amount of pipes wearing through. So my question is what would you guys advise for a more basic telehandler...
  11. Red Fred

    7 seater transport ideas.

    Mrs Fred runs a care business looking after adults with learning difficulties at the stables and needs a 7 seater for collecting and picking up the trainees. The farm Discovery has been less than reliable and is often in use for towing etc at critical moments. We were wondering if anyone had any...
  12. M

    Loader for JXU

    I'm considering selling our 40-something year old 2wd loader tractor and instead getting a loader for our Case JX100U. Don't know much about loaders at all, wondering what the best options are - Quicke/Trima/Case/any other (maybe cheaper) makes worth considering? It won't be doing a massive...
  13. F

    Secondhand Toyota Landcruiser buying.

    Been looking at Landcruisers to replace a TD5 Disco who’s chassis is having to be welded up again. Swayed towards a 100 series 4.2 diesel owing to its higher 3.5 ton towing capacity, are these a good buy and is there anything to be careful of, mindful these are now approaching 20 years old?
  14. Greythundercloudys

    Opico sward lifter.

    Seen one advertised, do they make a difference with drainage etc, what size tractor do you need.
  15. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  16. F

    Row crops

    Looking for a set of used but decent 12.4 row crops for TM 140 / T6 / case MX.
  17. M

    New Defender Commercial

    Am I missing something? I’ve specced a Defender commercial S with the stuff you really want in a car, and to match the spec of a Wildtrack Ranger. Tow bar, metallic paint, mudflaps, 3 seats in the front, alloy wheels. And that’s about it, not gone too mad with it. It’s come out at £62,000+VAT...
  18. Fragonard

    JD 6130r vs Case Maxxum 135/NH 165

    Any opinions on comparing these tractors? JD6130r vs Case Maxxum135/NH T6.165? Mixed workload. Loader. 3m combination be its hardest workload. Any opinion much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Fragonard

    Is Dynamic Command/Active 8 worth the extra money

    Is DC/A8 worth the extra 3 or 4 grand? Thanks.
  20. Agriland RSS

    ‘Youniverse’: New Holland to hold digital agri machinery fair

    Written by Agriland Team New Holland is set to hold a “Youniverse” digital fair, a 10-day online event, next month where farmers and prospective customers can “meet” with some of the company’s specialists and explore the “New Holland world”. Announcing this virtual fair, the agricultural...