Wholecrop mix into grass


Unsure if this has been discussed at all before, If it has feel free to tag a link to the post, but just mulling over the idea of a wholecrop mix dd into a silage field , would mid may be too late for say a pea/barley/oat mix to be drilled after a cut of silage ?
an idea i had was . cut of silage / glypo pre of post cutting/ run through with sward lifter / drill whole crop mix / wholcrop late August/ glypo again/ dd fresh grass ley, thinking a double glypo should eliminate the docks.

am i barking up the wrong tree, never grown anything other than grass really . :X3:

Arable Scotland: Alternative markets and new cash crops

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Arable Conversations: Alternative markets and new cash crops 11.30 – 12.30 on 29th June 2021

Join us at Arable Scotland on 29 June at 11.30 am for an interactive ‘Arable Conversation’ that will discuss ‘Alternative markets and new cash crops’. The session will cover the seasons market potential and the current rollercoaster grain prices. New crops being trialled in Scotland, opening new doors and opportunities for the cereals sector will also feature. Chris Leslie from AHDB, will lead the discussion and be joined by the following panellists.

To register for the webinar visit www.hopin.com/events/arable-scotland and for more information about the event visit...