1. F

    Pre formed concrete panels.

    Got a bridge 12m long and 5 m wide made up of 2 rows of wooden sleepers lay across 3 large carrying girders (1 in the middle and 1 on each side) . Been there 30 odd years and the sleepers are starting to rot now so it needs a major repair. There are 90 sleepers in total. To replace them all...
  2. P

    First time sheep.

    Hello all. I've been building up to this for a long time. I want to have some sheep outside my window and occasionally in my freezer. I have ten spare acres divided into one four acre very good and six acres that gets too wet from November to February/March or more if it's been a bad winter. I...
  3. B

    BPS 2021 - Temporary Grassland to Permanent Grassland and back again

    Hi All, Just doing my first BPS application (first for me, not the land parcels in question), and just want to check my understanding of the temporary grassland and permanent grassland rules. As I understand it: Temporary grassland can only exist for 5 consecutive years before it...
  4. Greythundercloudys

    First wormer for lmbs?

    What do folk recommend for the first dose at around 6 weeks old.
  5. jon9000

    Farm plastic waste collection

    Does anyone know if ccr are still on the go at breighton air field. Or another options
  6. H

    Where's spring?

    Only 7 weeks to the longest day. What happened to spring?
  7. N

    Feed barley price

    Just been told the price and my chin hit the floor.Whats others paying ,as yards could be empty by weekend and sold as stores.Fat price needs to be even damn higher.
  8. Macsky

    Lifting pH without lime?

    Can soil pH be lifted by cultural methods, without the addition of lime or the likes? Drainage? Cultivation?...
  9. hillbill

    The on-going up hill battle that is agriculture.....

    It would appear iam not alone in having difficultly getting and keeping decent staff? Is it a nation wide issue or more regional? Wheres the best place to find the unicorns that maybe out there? Also, machinery price increases are a constant issue to us. I know theres nothing we can appear to...
  10. Farm Business RSS

    Waterways could become polluted if farmers let silage storage standards slip

    Written by John Swire An agricultural expert is warning that highly-toxic run-off from farms could leak into and pollute waterways this summer if farmers aren’t vigilant. Farmers are being urged by Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn, of leading farm insurance broker Lycetts, to check their clamps ahead...
  11. 24/7 farming

    Grass after spuds?...

    Is this a major no-no?, planted 2 acres of spuds last year and was planning to go for crop silage cut of oats and peas this year then reseed into grass. However only hav the option of bales so always been a bit worried about vermin when stored (altho have done it successfully before) and cannot...
  12. Farm Classifieds

    Richard western silage sides 14 ton

    Richard western silage sides 14 ton Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Trailers Forage Trailers Price: £ Condition: Excellent Description Sides to fit 14ton trailer, arch front window and a blow board along with the sides. 07976090203 for more information...
  13. S

    Sheep winter housing

    Morning all, just working out plans for winter grazing this year, a bit a head but nice to know what options we have. in a moderate winter our ground is completely saturated from January - March, we have an abundance of sheds so are toying with the ideas of winter housing our ewes from couple of...
  14. Andyt880

    Keeping an ibc clean when used as a water tank

    I use an ibc for watering sheep in one place and I fill it once a week. I have a white one and a black one. The black is great for staying clean but with the light getting into the white one it goes green in days. Anything I can add every time I fill it to help keep the water fresh and the tank...
  15. Electricfencer

    I hate weekends!

    Anyone else fed up with weekends. People leaving gates open, dogs running wild (more than normal) and the phone never stops with wannabe shepherds telling me how to do my job!
  16. L


    we have over the last number of yrs we have only just managed to keep with my buyers payment bands of 250. We found it easy to clear up clots but not the cell count. this yr due having culled( because they were empty) the worst 2. Much better cubicle management during the dry period and a...
  17. cpsf

    lack of grazing land, what to do?

    Hi Folks. This is a bit of a read but I'd appreciate it if you keep reading! Thanks! As we all know this spring is a difficult one in terms of grass not growing. I'm stuck in a situation of not sure what to do for the best therefore here is my situation. Due to the dry weather my grazing...
  18. Farm Business RSS

    Prevent buffer feeding eroding winter forage stocks

    Written by John Swire New research shows that replacing a proportion of grass silage in buffer feed with straw and a molasses blend can cost-effectively help preserve forage stocks for the coming winter according to ED&F Man. “Dairy and beef farmers need to strike a balance between adequate...
  19. M

    Looking For Work Looking for work Shropshire

    I am self employed farm worker who is looking for a harvest position or other similar farm rolls. I have experience on working on farms from 600ac-6,000 acre on arable & livestock. I have PA1&2, B+E & forklift tickets. I have experience in cultivations, harvest operations, silage & hay...
  20. Romeogolf

    Fastrac 4220 towing ability

    Following my thread regarding the disappointing performance of my Claas arion 650 when towing recently, I come to you again with a question for fastrac owners. Regularly towing near the maximum legal weight is becoming the norm more and more, and the fastrac appeals to me for many other reasons...