1. Bartholomews

    Monday Market Briefing - 22nd November 2021

    Markets jumped strongly out of the traps again this morning, continuing the sentiment of last week. The Australian harvest has become a stop/start affair due to wet weather and there is enough International tender activity to keep things interesting for now. UK feed wheat remains a hefty...
  2. Clive

    Spend some money for me !

    Have a few items on a shopping list to help ease logistics next harvest / drilling campaign, looking to source used and would appreciate suggestions/ collective help of the forum to help me find them 1) Grain trailer - 20t (24-25 cube) with easy sheet and hydraulic door / air and abs - prefer...
  3. matt@mepengineering

    Rolled oats price

    How much should I be charging a neighbour for rolled oats in big bags ? per t price ? thnks
  4. D

    Any ideas on a grain store/mixing shed

    I'm toying with ideas for a grain shed Max 300ton grain (I could extend she'd if something altered) Store protein, rolled barley and mill(PTO roller mill) Possibly mollases. I'm thinking I could either use the kongskilde blower to load mill or loader from grain store, would box in the "rolled"...
  5. D

    someone writing in the Farmers Weekly has FINALLY got it

    Courtesy of the Farmers Weekly obvs: Joe Stanley Opinion: Blaming livestock for global warming is ill-informed As some 400 private jets carrying the world’s climate-conscious business and political elite – plus the prerequisite sprinkling of actors – touched down in Glasgow, and a chap with a...
  6. I

    Am I a twit

    Put my name down for sludge to go on my linseed ground Will it mean I will be combining on Christmas day?
  7. Pan mixer

    Cull Boar and sow prices

    I booked some into the main place in the country that takes these today. Fortunately it is not too far away. Three weeks ahead price; Boars 5p per kg, sows 15p. I may unbook them.
  8. B

    Adding molasses to a mixer

    I have an alvan blanch 1 ton mill mixer, I am looking into adding molale to knock the dust and help the minerals stick to the barley. I'm looking for the best way to add it to the mixer tho, some people have a dribble bar into the top of the mixer, others a pipe to tje bottom. Of the mixer...
  9. D

    Red tractor traceability.

    Now a thought has occurred to me. We currently are rt assured for cereals and beef. Therefore following the red tractor strapline that it’s traceable would it be reasonable to ask them to trace all the commodities I sell and make sure they are been sold to the consumer as red tractor assured...
  10. F

    Rolling wheat

    Has anyone ever seen a farmer rolling wheat on the 19th of November before, I did .
  11. C

    Grazing inlamb ewes on osr

    Been offer some feilds of rape that a chap drill and has failed only about half to a 3rd has grown. He wants what's left grazed off before he drills wheat in the feild would it be safe to graze inlamb ewes on this. There is also volunteer barley which had been sprayed off and gone yellow? Thanks
  12. glow worm

    To mask up or not?

    With parts of Devon & Cornwall currently having the highest cases of Covid in the Country ( according to the BBC news) what does everyone think on whether or not mask wearing should continue to be encouraged? With nearly all our local shops / businesses still asking for people to wear masks...
  13. M-J-G

    Grazing Barley With Lambs

    A neighbour has a couple of stubble fields that have a lot of barley growing on them, he has offered them to me to graze off for him with sheep. I know grazing wheat is safe enough and I've grazed stubble with some barley on them before and I've had barley come up in reseeds, but these have...
  14. bobk

    Hs2 Manchester - Leeds scrapped

    I'd scrap the lot . rail travel is uneconomic now . heaven knows how much the fares will be after £ 100bilion is wasted
  15. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  16. Seth470

    Diet Feeding Beef Cattle.

    Starting to use our diet feeder a bit more, just want to know what people are putting in. Haven access to Silage, Straw, Hay ,barley, brewers grain and spuds.
  17. Woolless

    Feeding cull ewes

    Sold a third of the cull ewes shortly after weaning. Went through them again a couple of weeks ago and struggled to find another third to sell. The final third, plus a few extras pulled out before tupping are now getting fed a mixture of lamb finisher blend and leftover ewe rolls and seem to be...
  18. H

    Winter Barley

    Got some really forward winter barley it's about a foot tall really thick and starting to go down in places. Question what do I do with it . Graze with sheep or leave it ?
  19. S J H

    Who's joining me?

    Just had the red tractor inspection, I sadly haven't passed so won't be able to sell stock at the premium. I failed on health plan, health and safety plan, haven't got a needle certificate and when the dog was wormed. The whole thing has become an utter joke. BVD testing is recommended now, so...
  20. Farfrae

    The Organised Takedown of the Global Fertiliser Supply?

    I've commented previously about how much of what is going on (from a Covid 'pandemic' that isn't really a pandemic to 'zero carbon') in the world is part of an organised plan to bring abbout 'The Great Reset' as proposed by Klaus Schwab in his book of the same name. Obviously I get much derision...