1. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Tom Sewell

    December 2021 The good the bad and the ugly! As I sit here on the 30th November furiously tapping away to get this written for tomorrows deadline I reflect on what has happened since I last wrote. My last piece mentioned how well the crops looked before harvest! How things have changed in...
  2. D

    Feeding store cattle

    What are folks feeding store on to let them grow a bit of frame? beef bred cattle, sim, char, lim and blue cross heifers and steers 7-12 month old sorta stuff. currently on ad-lib round bale silage and a few KG rolled barley a day. wondering if there is a cheaper or better way. Or what...
  3. H

    Beef fattening units

    Been a bit of discussion around here recently about 'beef fattening units ' where you 'rent a feeding lot'.usually holding about 40 cattle . You pay a weekly fee and the cattle are fattened and marketed for you . It's a case of all in and all out in a 3 mth period . Anyone done this or know...
  4. caveman


    Warmest UK new years eve on record yesterday at 16 degrees? Already nudging 16 on max/min thermometer outside the back door at 8.30 am. Birds singing their heads off. Pigeons cooing. A new year started. 🥂🥂 Here's to a happy and prosperous new year to all.
  5. Tucker86


    Now we have details on the payments, is anybody still thinking of putting there whole farm into the sfi scheme ? I can’t see any benefit in putting any of your land into the scheme at them prices, let alone your whole farm ? Happy new year by the way
  6. U

    A loaf of bread

    A study by Sheffield University has come out against a loaf of bread,reason = to produce it releases half a kilogramme of CO2.When will this wokeish crap end ??
  7. B

    Chicken muck

    Has anybody got experience of volunteer wheat growing that has come in the chicken muck? As going to be spread before spring barley, my hope is it won’t come to much as it’s going to of sat in the heap a few months. Thanks for any help!
  8. Wobblebox

    2 combines vs. 1

    Didn’t want to hijack the other thread currently running but I’m thinking about the opposite and running 2 combines instead of 1. Currently cutting 700 acres with an 11 plate NH CX8070 with 25ft cut, and a range of cropping from winter OSR and winter barley, winter wheat and spring beans. I aim...
  9. Direct Driller Magazine

    Agronomist in Focus - Dick Neale from Hutchinsons

    Catch and cover crop choices play significant part in positive transition to Sustainable Farming Initiative When any new technique is employed its initial benchmark for success is a measure of the financial return it provides over the technique it replaces or enhances. In that respect cover...
  10. J

    Land Drainage Costs Devon

    Hi there , I am looking at a barn conversion on 18 acres of arable land, when we viewed on boxing day the land was very water logged and there was a fair few marsh type plants on the land. What would the likely cost be like to sort this out , I assume underground drainage would be the...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Agri contractor’s retirement sale raises £3.1m

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland The decision by Charles Baker, a well-known UK farming contractor, to step back from the business saw the machines and equipment he had accumulated over the years sell for a total of £3.1 million (approximately €3.7 million) earlier this month...
  12. MX7

    One Combine to replace 2 calculation?

    If one has two combines, 30ft and 25ft cut(55ft total) and they both travel at approximately the same speed, and one decides to replace the two with one 39ft 4”cut machine ,how much faster , in percentage terms will the one combine have to go to cut the same area as the two combines in a day...
  13. Farmerpickle

    What would you value this at?

    Hi, Just wanted to know what you think of the condition of this combine and what you think of the price? Thanks...
  14. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - David White

    Harvest 2021 roundup at Hawk Mill, an East Anglian perspective. September 2021 Today, the 2nd September we finished harvest 2021. We tried on several occasions over the past week but the continued dull weather with early morning drizzle has prevented us from crossing the finish line, but today...
  15. Agriland RSS

    A UK tillage farmer reflects on the year that was 2021

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland The latest Tillage Edge podcast from Teagasc features a reflection on the year that was 2021 from UK-based farm manager, Andy Mahon. He was in conversation with Teagasc’s Michael Hennessy. “We had an interesting harvest – one to remember for good...
  16. Guiggs

    Pig rearing costs.

    Hi, Can anybody give me rough costs for rearing traditional breed pigs such as G.O.S, saddleback etc from weaners to finish, kept outside. I'd imagine they would be finished at approximately 5 months as they can go a bit too fat if kept much longer. I used to rear them about 10 years ago but it...
  17. Bossfarmer

    Most efficient way to use Muck in FERT FIASCO!!!!

    Given the fact these high fert prices are going to catch up to us all eventually, how do people plan to use their muck to get best use of it? It seems to me spreading straight out the shed in the spring and ploughed straight in then followed quickly by the drill is the best way to trap any...
  18. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - Clive Bailye

    R and R ………….. September 2021 Harvest 2021 was the second in succession where the combine saw no rapeseed through its 12m header. At least this time it was planned, as not an acre was planted following the 100% loss of our 2020 crop. This we redrilled with Linseed after finding most of the...
  19. Direct Driller Magazine

    John Pawsey – Farmer Focus

    John Pawsey – Farmer Focus September 2021 I am currently bathing in post-harvest bliss. I haven’t actually been through our results in detail yet but I am aware of the general highs and lows. With twelve months of observation of what has looked good and what could have looked better, I am...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming

    Durham farm trials put solid science into biological farming Spring barley profits from improved soil biology and structure Detailed trials assessing a broad range of regenerative farming strategies on a progressive Durham farm are putting some solid science into efforts to improve arable...