1. D

    Health-related quality of life of calves with respiratory disease - survey (<10 mins)

    Hi At this time of year, respiratory disease can be an issue on farms. Not only can it affect the biological functioning of the animal, but it also has a major impact on its quality of life, or the psychological experience of life. Whilst there are number of clinical methods to assess...
  2. Jclarke

    Rearing Calves Wanted

    Looking for 100+ fresh rearing calves direct from farm in the new year onwards. Any beef x breeds considered. Good price paid for strong healthy calves and am not against block calving/ crossbred herds. Genuine farmer buyer based in Gloustershire but willing to travel. Please feel free to...
  3. W

    New Calf Shed

    We intend to build a new calf shed in the spring. Looking for ideas and photos of what people have done. Priorities are to minimise labour and try to reduce instances of pneumonia (which is possibly caused by over stocking of current calf housing) Calf hutches would be great for health but are...
  4. SellMyLivestock

    29 Blue Stores

    29 Belgian Blue Cattle 20 heifers, 9 steers 8-9 months old Bought as calves all off one farm Wormed Will make big strong cattle as all bred from big, strong cows. Black-legged and TB tested clear Ready to go See all info here New section, beef semen here.
  5. jackyoung123123

    Dairy X Beef - Calve concentrate intake

    I’m just trying to work out some figures for how much concentrates lim/Hereford/blue/Angus X Fresian/Holstein calves will eat per day from around 8/10 weeks to around 6 to 8 months of age, I wasn’t thinking around 5kg per animal per day average? What do others feed/think, Thanks in advance
  6. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 30 BB, Herf, Lim X Stores

    30 British Blue, Hereford, Limousin Cross Store Heifers Good calves which will be sold once weaned, 8 ready to go Eating plenty of straw/nuts and doing well Nice shine to their coats 2-3 months Open to offers Will split See more info here
  7. Ellie@Rumenco

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits Calf health plays a critical role in the success of youngstock rearing programmes yet DEFRA figures suggest that as many as one in seven dairy calves and one in thirteen beef calves die during the rearing phase. Ensuring calves and youngstock receive...
  8. F

    Calve dehorning business startup

    Was wondering what your opinions were on startup dehorning business in ni, would there be a market for it ? Prices? Setup? Finally worthwhile?
  9. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 80 AAX STORE CALVES

    Good strong calves Feeding well Out of crossbred Friesian/Jersey/Swedish Red herd by pedigree AI bulls (mainly Lord Hardy and Knockranny) Farm assured Dorset For photos click here!
  10. Joe2021

    Cattle Deals UK, New Selling and Buying group on Facebook

    Hi folks, I’m inviting you to join The Cattle Deals UK Facebook Group. It’s a new group that’s already gaining some useful post of cattle for sale and wanted. I’m a farmer and I’ve set it up just to help other farmers and farms buy and sell their cattle, you can also advertise your cattle...
  11. A


    Okay, I have a 9 week old Breford calf. She has had one round of RESFLOR GOLD in the neck and a synovial injection of Gentamycin into infected joint a few weeks ago. Today when I went to feed, I noticed the other front 'knee' joint was swollen and she was limping again. I called they vet and...
  12. A

    Bottle Baby problems!

    Okay guys, I am new to this, (all of it!) and I have a bottle baby heifer we have been bottle feeding since birth. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow (Thursday 02/01/18). She has started having some blood in her stool, the stool is firm, not runny, but I have no clue what this could be. She has...
  13. SellMyLivestock

    40 Simm, AA, Lim & Hereford X Store Calves

    40 SIMMENTAL, ABERDEEN ANGUS, LIMOUSIN, HEREFORD CROSS STORE CALVES 3-11 months Grown well Heifers and steers TB free farm for 9 years From £370 For images click here
  14. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 87 Limousin X Store Calves

    Click here to see video, price and photos: 49 steers and 38 heifers All home bred
  15. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 30 AAX Store Calves - 2 Sisters Food Group

    Good strong dairy bred AA's. 2/3 steers, 1/3 heifers. Youngest 4mths old @ £390 ave. See photos and contact details:
  16. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 30 Belgium Blue X Store Calves

    30 BBx heifers 3-4 months Quiet calves Have all been vaccinated with bovipast and ibr marker live vaccine. Castell-nedd Port Talbot Click the link to see images...
  17. cuckoo

    For sale tb restricted British Friesian bull calves

    For sale 100 bull calves 1-6 weeks old, good type, from bvd and ibr vaccinated herd, will sell in smaller groups , in Pembrokeshire, transport can be arranged. tel. Andrew on 07977 542327
  18. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 24 Hereford, AA & Lim Breeding Heifers with Calf at Foot

    Quality farm assured heifers with calves at foot BB X, Lim X, Hereford X, Angus heifers Sired by Pedigree Oddacres Limousin Bull YB4 High health herd BVD accredited Photos here...
  19. E

    Summer grazing stocking rate and strip grazing

    How many cows with followers could you happily graze on a productive 20 acres grass for just the spring and summer months? Is strip grazing a possibilty on a relatively small area?
  20. SellMyLivestock

    British Blue & Aberdeen Angus Store Calves (2 Sisters Food Group)

    Weaned calves, no collection centres or markets used. Based in North West and South West (Shropshire and Cornwall). Red Tractor Assured. 3-4 months 2 Sisters Food Group See more details here: 20 BB Calves - Shropshire...

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