1. H

    Ram talk

    Hi I need some advice as I’m renting 50 acres for my rams and ewes. The landowner has rented the extra feild out to another farmer who has put his ewes and ewe lambs in there. How to I stand if my ram gets into his sheep or his ewe get over into my flock. I have fencing up my side of the hedge...
  2. Agriland RSS

    NI-bred Simmental stock are ‘first choice’ for Swiss and German customers

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The new year is off to a positive start for three Simmental breeders located in countries Antrim and Tyrone, with the successful export of two cows and calves, five heifers and one young bull to Simmental breeders in Switzerland and Germany. The deal...
  3. G

    Small pickup

    Does anyone still make a small pickup these days? Like a vw caddy?
  4. Agriland RSS

    Dairy advice: Weaning autumn-born calves

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland Spring is just around the corner and now is a good time to begin the weaning of autumn-born calves, to reduce some of the workload on farms. It is important that weaning takes place at the correct time, when adequate rumen development has occurred...
  5. MX7

    Suggestions for companion / "scaffolding" crops to support combinable peas (and other pulses that show potential but go flat before harvest)?

    Over the years some of you have grown companion / (scaffolding) crops with combinable peas to to help prevent the pea vines going flat before they are fit to harvest. I know this thread title has been discussed in the past but it would be really interesting to read the experiences of those of...
  6. Muddyroads

    Cow - The film

    Picked up on a review of this “documentary” film yesterday on 5 live and think it might be good for TFFers to be aware of it. It’s been nominated for Cannes apparently so could get quite a bit of press. Filmed on a large dairy farm somewhere in the south of England it follows a cow for around 4...
  7. Ruminant Health & Welfare

    Calf pilot plans solutions for end of bull calf euthanasia

    With the clock ticking on changes to Red Tractor standards in 2023 which will strengthen the UK dairy industry’s commitment to rear every calf with care, a pilot initiative on-farm is tackling the key challenges of breeding, rearing and marketing. RH&W says over 1.4 million calves are born to...
  8. W

    What are my cows worth ?

    How long is a piece of string? I have been milking for 45 years + and never bought or sold a milking cow, they’ve all gone as barrens, but I’ve reached an age when it’s time to give up. Easy option is an on farm dispersal sale so I know I am getting the true market value. Arriving at a value...
  9. jackrussell101

    Tips for keeping an employee on

    Basically selling the dairy cows later this year and have got a good cowman who I would ideally like to keep on. He's happy as he's getting near to retirement anyway and doesn't want the hours. The only thing is we're going to go predominantly arable and a small amount of beef and I'm unsure...
  10. C

    Selling cows at market

    Hi, i am new to this and I am just after abit of help. I have a small holding and have entered a few Angus steers I have in bakewell market on Monday. I have never taken any before though and I’m wondering how you go on. How do you go about unloading and penning up? What happens to the...
  11. Sir loin

    Any tips to help when mixing cows?

    I am currently calving my heifers (batch of 10) and remove one when calved only to replace her a couple of days later and bloody hell fireworks you would think they had never clapped eyes on them before. Any tips on how you replace or mix your cows/heifers?
  12. Pan mixer

    Don't be too honest

    I generally regard myself as being honest with almost everything especially in my dealings with the law makers and law checkers. This may well end though; Above is a picture of the 4 cows and their calves that we had to DNA test (at considerable expense and inconvenience) to prove that each...
  13. W

    Dogs… again

    I’ve two collie pups ( different parents) Both are just over 6 months old we got them allegedly at 8 weeks although one was 7 weeks but the other I think only 5 or 6 weeks Any way , they are good natured and play with our other dogs no problem however Dog A.. the younger one , when walked...
  14. tr250

    Is there anybody members of bvd free england

    Just seem bvd free england. Not been aware of it before is it worth joining how much does it cost? We were going to tag and test all calves this year anyway. we are reasonably sure we are bvd free but as we’ve been vaccinated for 10 years and tag and tested the youngest of each cow family in...
  15. Headless chicken

    Mixing straw and blend

    Trying to find an easier way of feeding our weaned calves. Feeding about 800kg of blend currently a day and as they grow going in to put it into troughs isn’t going to work. If we chucked it into the mixer wagon would we need some molasses to make it bind? could we just add the blend on top of...
  16. MRT

    Recommend me an off road pram

    Looking for the best pram. Off road (4" mud, beach, rocky ground, slopes) stable and robust. Car seat click into pram into car direct. Less than a grand!! Cheaper to buy a car!!
  17. S

    Straw spreading options for loader tractor

    Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on straw spreaders/choppers when we just have the one loader tractor. The warthog loader mounted spreader looks spot on but they aren’t currently making the round bale model, we’re on all round bales here. I think Malgar used to make them as well but...
  18. Chris F

    Foresight Obesity System Map

    This was brought up at the OFC - it was part of a report used to find out why obesity exists in a population. I had no idea just how complex is was. A full scale version is here...
  19. K

    Lamb reviver/ boost/ jump start

    Lambing a few weeks away and wanting to know everyone's views on the lamb revive, boost and jump start products. Do they work? Are they worth the money? I was giving any lamb that hadn't sooked a shot of the Osmonds one and can't decide if it worked or not. It's was a third of the price of...
  20. jimmer

    Is teat sealant worth it ?

    After drying off 50 cows on Tuesday all with sealant and/or antibiotics that would have been averaging no more than 10L i am yet again frustrated with the amount of milk leakage Makes me wonder if sealant is actually necessary