1. Corteva Updates

    Getting on top of woody weeds

    Getting on top of woody weeds Brambles, gorse and broom are tough woody weeds which can grow quickly, taking over areas that could be grazed. “These sorts of weeds typically grow around the edges of fields and gateways,” says Dr Nicola Perry, weed biology specialist for Corteva Agriscience...
  2. Flat 10

    Volunteer potatoes

    What are the best chemicals for controlling these? I know very little about it. Starane in cereals, shield in beet? Glyphosate in stubbles appears to be too late as they have formed daughter tubers. thought I was getting on top of them but they are really bad this year in a field that was spuds...
  3. T

    Won't be long now to the iresposible use of liquid sunshine .

    Its that time of year again that after a few hot days and the Winter barley is starting to turn that some still have the need to rush it on . Pure golden fields with a little bit of green in tramlines and no patience so have to round up it off . You hear all the reasons why 1 Got to get on as...
  4. C

    Fazor Banned on Stock Feed Potatoes

    Just had an email from AHDB saying that the the label has changed on all Maleic Hydrazide products (Fazor, Source etc.) to say that potatoes treated with it can no longer be fed to stock. So apparently they are fine for human consumption but not for feeding to animals! I'm sure there must be...
  5. spin cycle

    leystar herbicide

    any good? and how much roughly?:)
  6. Stewartry hill

    Weed control in swedes

    Had a field off swift last year instead of back to grass was thinking off Swedes what's the best weed control?
  7. 1594mac

    Spray question.....

    I was looking something to control some docks and dandelions etc it has been suggested to use doxstar with some agritox. Has anyone any other suggestions? Forefront etc is out of the question as the silage is sold off so I cant use anything with a restriction.
  8. Woodlander

    New OSR herbicide Belkar -my experience

    I thought some on here may be interested in my experience throughout the season with the new oilseed rape herbicide Belkar. I have been fortunate enough to secure supply for my oilseed rape area. Cranesbill is one of the main broad leaved weed targets we have whatever the crop, and my...
  9. Flat 10

    Astrokerb and BLW

    Planning on using astrokerb for my BLW control in my osr when I’m happy I have a crop. However I’m concerned that I am perhaps expecting too much from it. Having read the label and thought about the ingredients I think that the label claim of chickweed and thistles is probably about all that one...
  10. Cuthbert


    Best spray to kill them been using dockstar but keep coming back. We sprayed them when they were young and leafy as well. Can’t use frontier cause of muck for other crops :(
  11. ollandroverman

    Grassland sprays - Tank mix

    I would like to pick the collective minds on here for information. Bit by bit i am getting on top of the weed burden i inherited on some of the land i farm. Usually i have Nettles and Thistles to deal with, OR Rushes. My go to products are Thistlex, and for the rushes i have been knocking them...
  12. Jerry

    Will Thistlex do nettles?

    Neec to hit some nettles and there are spear thistles in there as well. Will thistlex hit the nettles?
  13. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .
  14. S

    Weed wiping questions

    What months of the year can you weed wipe and what sort of price are the big weed wipers that go behind a tractor . Ta.