1. ajd132

    Blackgrass Herbicide

    Anyone trying anything slightly different this year? Bigger stacks? Small stacks? Avadex or no avadex? Genetics or the proper stuff? Or is it generally much of the same
  2. S

    Mixing your own pre em.

    Thinking of mixing straight actives equal to 2L of crystal and .3L liberator(33g dff, 240g ffc, 600g pdm) making a saving of £8/ha. Anyone seen any different results from using straight actives against pre mix products..?
  3. Chris F

    Liberator and Alternatives

    With the launch of another alternative from Rotam, with Golding on the 1st September - here is a list of all the products that are the "same" in terms of actives as Liberator. Pincer has been re-formulated this year to be the same as last years Ascent - expect a premium over last years stock...
  4. Clive

    Wheat Input costs per T 2019

    I thought it might be interesting to compare inputs costs on Wheat this year ? we could look at otter crops like OSR as well if successful I know this has been tried before on TFF and like any bench-marking consistency in how we compare numbers is vital to it making any sense. So if Outline my...
  5. JP1

    PC Andrew Harper

    A young officer in traffic , 4 weeks married and was going on his honeymoon next week Yet another tragedy. Lots of usual platitudes from the politicians but I guess they can't do much else Yet Ten or so arrested from 13-30 Initially no description of how the officer died Now it's...
  6. DartmoorEwe

    Sheep scales shock absorbers

    I have old sheep/pig scales bought through e-bay. They weigh a sack of feed accurately but vary with pogo lambs between 0 and 100kg and back. Discovered no shock absorbers. It looks like there is a place to put something but there's nothing there. Need something not too big just to moderate...
  7. R

    What should I be charging per hour for tractor and man

    What should I be charging per hour for a 234 valtra and man (230 horsepower) with my own fuel, to pull someone's 18 ton silage trailer on grass.
  8. D

    Do you use Avadex & how do you apply it?

    Struggling with Sterile brome here. I'm sure we could cope with a better rotation, but a good contractor alternate years would be another way, maybe.
  9. L

    Where has all the money gone &what to do about it.

    I am by nature a thinker and by extension a worrier. The above is my current subject not of choice but repetition. Currently in first world economies and I am including China in this more and more assets are controlled by fewer and fewer people.more and more political power is controlled by...
  10. Chris F


    This is the Blackgrass Thread on TFF. A lot of us are struggling with blackgrass and we can use this thread as a central discussion point. On The Farming Forum, Tags allow lots information to be linked. This is the link to the blackgrass tag on TFF for doing more research...
  11. Colin

    Total wheat spend

    Looking at the t1 thread spend varies massively. What is everyone spending on pesticides , everything being equal I will be about 220/ha this year, thats everything from herbicides to roundup if required.
  12. Lincs Lass

    Second hand pick up 4x4

    Landlord is looking for a fresh 4x4 to replace his ageing Nevara . Newer Nevara ,Ford Ranger 3.2,Landcruiser Amazon were suggested .Not the L200 thanks Its only covering 7k per year and is basically a mobile workshop for the beet drilling and harvester so everything gets shoved in the back ...
  13. TFF

    10 things to know about preparing for EU Exit if you work in farming or agriculture

    ollowing an extension of Article 50, the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October 2019. These are some key things that your farming or agriculture business should consider when preparing for EU Exit. 1. The government is working to deliver a deal The government remains focused on ensuring a...
  14. Hereward

    Blackgrass control poll

    Spraying T1 over the last few days and its obvious the blackgrass control isn't as good as I first thought. Last year seemed an easy year here, felt like I was in control, this year looks like normal service is resumed. This weed really is driving every decision on the farm now.
  15. Stags Farm Agency

    FOR SALE - 99.44 acres of productive farmland and copse, on the Blackdown Hills, Devon

    Stags Farm Agency is pleased to announce that they have been instructed to sell just over 99 acres near Upottery on the Blackdown Hills. The land is situated in an attractive rural location with good road access. The land in total extends to 99.44 acres and comprises productive level...
  16. S

    Carrot herbicides, aclinofen.

    Morning everyone. I was wondering if any kind carrot grower would be willing to share their herbicide schedule with me? I only grow a few beds but weeds are persistently a problem! Always wondered how pro growers keep them so clean! Will you be using Emerger this year? (Aclinofen)
  17. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  18. I

    Need Advice, Indian Farm land, noobs to farming!

    So I am a born and bred in the land of Essex and of Indian ethnicity. My grandad left me and my dad a farm back on "the mothership" :D I'm thinking of going to India to see what opportunities there are with farming there and automation. We mainly farm root veg, wheat, peanuts, millet, veg...
  19. T

    2019 Beet area

    What are beet growers doing area wise this upcoming year? I hear many are cutting back considerably?
  20. C

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thought it would be useful to gain some knowledge from other weaving GD users out there to share experiences / problems / solutions. I'll start.....anyone else had problems with blocked coulters? I've had a lot. It's been on the wetter side of ideal, but still good drilling conditions. It's got...