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    Forage Aid urges farmers to start planning winter feed and bedding strategy

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Forage Aid Trustees are urging farmers around the United Kingdom to start forward planning how they can manage and build winter forage and bedding stocks following the cold, wet spring of 2021. The charity has been receiving reports of shorter stocks of...
  2. CopperBeech

    Store Lambs

    Its coming that time of year again. We will be buying store lambs over the next couple of months, prices currently very strong, as there is plenty of grass around, but have a feeling they will slip back due to later harvest in a lot of places. Anyway, just thought I would enquire if anyone on...
  3. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  4. L

    Strategies for controlling docks.

    Things are going well. Organic matter levels around the farm are now above 10% and improving due to spreading our composted Seperated dung and good use of our “pokey” dirty water. We have managed to reduce our nitrogen usage too. however docks under this system are becoming a real problem and...
  5. D

    For those farming less than 200 acres.

    Purely for those farming less than 200 acres * please : 1) Have you been invited to be a pilot for the SFI ? Will you be taking up the invitation ? 2) How important are current BPS payments to your business ? 3) From what you know to date, do you see the SFI as being of relevance to your...
  6. Fnomadic

    Weather modifications-food shortage agenda

    Hi all. New to forum. From the states we’re having opposite problems with weather, being dry that’s going to kill crop yields-AKA food shortages. Man made drought?? Which this just happens to line up perfectly with global warming narrative and green nonsense. I’m in financial industry so...
  7. J

    Electric fencer not working

    Just after some thoughts I'm thinking it's the earthing? So bought a brand new soeedrite 6000i electric fender which has been working well up until the past couple of weeks when the cows have started being naughty, I've redone a load of fencing with barbed wire so now it's mostly just the cow...
  8. Daniel

    Arable farmers, is it essential that……

    When you get your Lexion out of the shed you have to state something portentous on Twitter such as: ‘Winter barley is a go’ A go? What is this mangling of the language? The correct phrase surely, is something like ‘harvest has commenced’ Alternatively: ‘The barley isn’t quite fit but we’re...
  9. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  10. KW Alternative Feeds

    Feedcast Episode 12 - 20 July 2021

    The latest issue of Feedcast is brought to you by Chris Davidson, with a tale of weather woe. Over the course of the last week the markets, especially the cereals market, have risen exponentially. For cereals this is due to three major weather events. Firstly the US has seen drought from...
  11. Clive

    Winter Barley yields 2021

    So i see quite a few combines are rolling now in the uk ? how’s it yielding so far ? would be helpful to others to add some context - variety, location and areas etc maybe ?
  12. D

    Seedtime nor Harvest Shall not Fail?

    ….as it says in the Good Book. But with climate change bringing extremes, how far away are we from a failed harvest somewhere in the world of big enough proportions to severely impact global commodity supplies? Shouldn’t governments be building stocks like the old intervention stores?
  13. B

    Autumn grass sowing better than spring time?

    As title - have you had better luck with autumn sown grass or spring? Obviously this year spring was colder than normal, mild winter. So weather always plays its part. I’ve got small acreage and wanted to intersow into existing mixed grass pasture some timothy, cockfoot and tall fescue. Soil...
  14. W

    The perfect storm

    Canada burning up. Vast areas of the USA in drought. Germany water logged. Mice plague in Oz. Possible El Niño effect 2021. None existant U.K. stocks of cereals due to poor harvest 20. Sterling value consistent. Could be the year to sit on 2021 harvest? £250/t feed wheat base?
  15. Greythundercloudys

    St swinsons day.

    40 days of dry on the cards
  16. D

    European floods

    Now Germany is hit along with neighbours. Its usually Spain that seems to get the worst floods alternating with desert type droughts. 65 people lost their lives, that is really bad. When we had the flooding that hit Sheffield, perhaps one or two deaths only. The countryside won't be reported...
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    Water companies given green light to invest £2.7 billion on building back greener

    Water companies given green light to invest £2.7 billion on building back greener Written by Defra Press Office Ofwat has today announced a final package of £2.7 billion from water companies as part of the country’s green recovery from the pandemic. The proposals follow an invitation in...
  18. Ffermer Bach

    BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

    Just listened to a section on the Today programme about the new report out and interview with Minette Batters and also Helen Browning (I think Soil Association), I thought they were ok in what they said, especially Helen saying the cost of food does not but should include the "society" costs of...
  19. S

    How is maggot situation?

    Tonight is warm,wet muggy evening ideal for maggots how is everyone fairing? Today I found a fooking blowfly in my chicken sandwiches.. warning to everyone to wrap up sandwiches well
  20. T

    Sustainable development and the climate agenda

    Recently i've been hearing a lot about climate change and sustainable development, getting to net zero etc etc. https://www.gov.scot/publications/securing-green-recovery-path-net-zero-update-climate-change-plan-20182032/pages/2/ In the midst of my reading i have also stumbled on a story about a...