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  1. Agrovista News

    Inspiring change â demonstrating return on investment for growers

    Inspiring change â demonstrating return on investment for growers Inspiring change through a refreshed approach to crop health, is the ethos behind a new product concept from Agrovista. The Innovation Range addresses the need for targeted bioscience products, offering growers clearly...
  2. N

    To many singles

    Mainly on tex cross and suff cross. Back to mainly texels with one Suffolk tup. Last two years we seem to be getting to many single lambs. Vaccinate for toxo and enzo. Used to have a few more mules in the flock which helped with prolifically. Probably need to do some blood tests. Any ideas?
  3. Oldmacdonald

    Whats the stabiliser cow of the sheep world?

    Novelty of lambing ewes at 3am is wearing off somewhat.
  4. P

    Should I be keeping my own rams?

    Following on from the discussion about which ewe lambs to keep, it's got me thinking about traits from the paternal side. We have about 300 ewes and lamb indoors. The ewes are all home bred. They were kind of Romney/ hartline/ texel. Then about ten years ago we went in for lleyn rams, so...
  5. A

    3mtr disc cultivator/seeder

    Im looking into buying a mounted 3mtr disc cultivator and tempted to have a seeder box on it. I cant find much info or user experience of using it to seed so just looking for any opinion/experience. Probably looking at the cheaper end/eastern europe type machine thanks
  6. Man_in_black

    Poll dorset popularity (or lack of)

    Why is this? My cousin emigrated 3 yrs ago to Oz, talking to him this morning he commented how dorsets major ewe over there. We have about 40odd in our flock, always lamb easily, high % & bags of milk. I know people say about feet but we cull hard on feet and have some well aged dorsets. Is it...
  7. D

    Spring barley varieties tillering rate

    Does anyone have experience of the different tillering rates of the main varieties on the market? Is there any real difference? I'm thinking of varieties like Planet, Diablo and Cosmopolitan. Any help gratefully received in order to fill in my ignorance, having not grown it since 2013!
  8. onthehoof

    Recommend me a trailer

    Looking for tri axle 14’ cattle trailer no decks, popcorn at the ready.
  9. S

    Small scale broiler chicks?

    I’m thinking about keeping a few free range broiler chickens, maybe 20 at a time, just for our own use, but I’m struggling to find anyone who will supply chicks or hatching eggs in such small quantities. Does anyone know the best place to get them from or is it a better idea to keep a dual...
  10. Jerry

    What’s the speed limit?

    Is the speed limit(s) on various roads for a current Hilux the same as a standard car? I was told it was when I bought it but better half has been in a speed awareness course today (oops ?) and said they put the Reg in and I should be doubt 60 max on motorway for instance.
  11. Derrick Hughes

    Pickup Engine

    Why when car engines are getting smaller my little A200 gives me 150 BH from a 2 L D , is there and need to go V6 or even V10 unless you are doing a lot of heavy towing , seems an awfull waste of expesive fuel, ?
  12. James Sagar

    Normande Cows

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this breed and how they compare with other breeds? Good and bad points alike please. Grazing only to zero grazing systems. Thanks in advance, James.
  13. G

    Best round baler?

    Very disappointed with my round bales from last summer. Baled when one day off hay with a 2 yr old Vicon baler/wrapper by a contractor. Looked good at the time. By now the bales on the bottom of the stack are like little triangles. The wrap was easy to damage when I stacked it and now there are...
  14. M

    Trailed slug pelleter

    How do, thinking of making a trailed unit to mount slug pelleter on , to go behind quad. Found a couple of old threads that have been useful but was wondering if anyone had anymore photos or improvements to theirs and how they are standing the test of time? Probably would just be single axel but...
  15. Eglwyswrwboy

    To much protein for 7/8 month weaned sukler calves?!

  16. Bald Rick

    Are pure Holsteins coming to an end?

    Not agin the great big buggers but increasingly I hear talk of a knackered liquid market and dairies asking for more solids to add value to their products Thoughts?
  17. N

    Stobarts a case in point ?

    The demise of Stobarts , A company who have for years driven the rates down to get the work and driven them down for all in the industry by consequence. Making it impossible for small to medium haulage firms to be able, firstly to tender for the work, or to be able charge a reasonable rate to...
  18. M-J-G

    Cattle breeding

    As @Cowgirl pointed out it would be unfair to hijack the breed society thread, I thought I'd continue on here.
  19. topground

    Cattle Breed Society fees and charges

    What do you expect from the breed society that you register your calves with as pedigree? What are you charged for and how much?
  20. M

    Thinking of getting rid of our ewes!

    We run a about 120 pedigree dorsets with plenty of room for expansion, we had aimed for a couple of hundred, we have a contract with dalehead and on paper everything looks good, we have lots of grass from the dairy enterprise and some poorer ground for stale grazing. Our issues are our losses...