1. S

    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    It's what being advocates by farming leaders. Tell me how to do it.
  2. Jackov Altraids


    I've just started looking at the claims by Quorn to be sustainable. At lot of the information is oblique and often is only compared as a % to the meat equivalent which is probably inflated as much as possible but often not stated. My favourite oblique line is; "We use palm oil in Quorn...
  3. W

    George Eustice

    What do you think ? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/environment/2021/10/29/meat-taxes-will-make-british-farmers-go-greener-says-george/ Meat taxes will make British farmers go greener, says George Eustice Government already working on new levies for parts of the food sector that contribute most...
  4. W

    Is there a living in suckler cows

    Sitting here wondering if there would be a living to be made with suckler cows, on rented ground and rented sheds, with bought in fodder With calves sold store.
  5. A

    Trying to work out fair figures

    Hi All Im not a farmer (farmers daughter though and watching with despair the difficulties you are going through) and I work in countryside conservation. Im looking at Nitrogen credits because of Nutrient neutrality rulings. Im wanting to get some idea of real world figures for growing crops and...
  6. S

    Dr Elaine Ingham/compost

    I've been dragged down a rabbit hole and wondered if anyone had already been? Her thoughts to me seem revolutionary but I've searched the forum and there's not a great deal of chatter about her ideas. Just wondering if there are any opinions or anyone seen any trial data?
  7. J

    Fertilizer replacement

    Just wondering what people are planning to do with soaring fertilizer prices anyone using any alternative
  8. Sir loin

    Panic buying straw.

    With the huge rises in fertilizer prices for Phosphate and Potash straw choppers on the back of combines next harvest will be surely a very common site what price will straw be next year and will there be any?
  9. Woldmarsh Producers

    Situation Vacant Fertilizer / Seed Manager - we are recruiting!

    Woldmarsh Producers is a farming cooperative based in Louth, Lincs. With over 1000 active farmer members we source a significant amount of fertilizer & seeds each year on their behalf. Working as part of the Crop Inputs team, this role would really suit someone with a passion to develop their...
  10. Grass And Grain

    Blenky resigns?

    Red Tractor board member no longer. Resigned? Not stood again? Don't know. But not great calling your farmer members "backstabbers" because they have a different opinion and suggest some reform and improvements. All we want is for feed mills to be able to choose their own intake standards...
  11. G

    The coming famine

    With fertiliser doubled in price, and possibly unavailable worldwide in 2022 due to factory closures, it doesnt bode well for harvest 2022 Add in the senseless tree planting on arable land and clearance of hill sheep for trees, the loss of pigs to landfill, we could be facing a major shortage of...
  12. D

    Fertiliser shortage in Brazil

    https://osancoin7.com/fertilizer-shortage-bolsonaro-closed-factory-in/ The Brazzilians seem to be in an even worse state than us with Urea production. This is turning into a proper biblical disaster, our government hardly noticed?
  13. MX7

    Retiring Ag Contractor Machinery Sale Nr Malmesbury Wilts

    Looks like a sale of excellent kit
  14. Boomerang

    cover crop drill

    Looking to drill cover crop on ploughing in spring, and another in stubble in summer, is there a one fits all solution ?
  15. Henarar

    Fertilizer price a good thing for farmers ?

    Would it be a good thing for farmers in the longer term if the global price of fertilizer was high, say around £1000 per ton ?
  16. cubby

    Overseeding clover

    What are the views on the best machine for overseeding clover into open swarms we have a Duncan renovator and an Erth agriseeder but was thinking more a gutter for more shallow seed depth opinions please
  17. Direct Driller Magazine

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling Ian and Dianne Haggerty are using the concepts of “Natural Intelligence Farming” to build a regenerative enterprise focused on zero tillage, livestock integration and biologically sourced inputs that boost their soil resources and...
  18. balerman

    Fertiliser crisis and suckled calf sales

    Just getting a feeling that the cost of inputs is going to take the heat out sales this autumn.Anyone seen any sold yet,asking for a friend.
  19. Mattyp64

    Ford tractor advice

    Hi first post here and new to farming so be gentle. I just went to look at a Ford 4630 2wd tractor with a Trima 1090 loader. Has anyone had any experience with these, any known problems and some idea of what the loader can lift? Many thanks
  20. J

    fertilizer crisis

    what are folks thinking re the massive hike in prices, surely comes apoint when it is not sustainably. still think if not one farmer ordered any fert price would ease , is abit of amind game !