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    Dairy farm profits a credit to producers, says Old Mill

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Dairy farm profits averaged £185/cow in 2020/21, despite the cost of production outstripping milk income, according to Old Mill’s annual dairy report. The Milk Cost of Production report – conducted by rural accountant Old Mill and the Farm Consultancy...
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    Hosier - Open-Air Dairying

    Open-Air Dairying
  3. John Deere News

    Deere Studio: The Forager Show | 13.10.2021 | 7 pm

    DEEP INSIGHTS, REAL STORIES, ALL THE FACTS Deere Studio: The Forager Show | 13.10.2021 | 7 pm Live and straight from real-life farming experts, special guests and John Deere lead engineers: Here´s your show with the latest behind-the-scene insights from the world of John Deere foragers...
  4. B

    Slurry bugs in slatted shed

    What's the best bugs to use to reduce crust and stirring time thank you
  5. J

    Has anyone planted Beans and Maize together?

    Interested in this concept. We only plant around 20ha a year for forage, and I saw something about inter cropping beans into maize and the beans climb up the maize stalk. Whether it would work or not would be the question, higher protein would be one good thing, something that Maize severely...
  6. johnspeehs

    Suckler cow condition

    What 's everyone's opinion on changing spring calving suckler cows condition? Doe's it cause any problems letting them loss condition for a few months after housing for cows calving in February? Reason I'm asking is we had a lot of calving problems this spring and I put it down to the cows being...
  7. C

    How much land does it take to pay an employees wages ??

    just pondering On an arable farm How much land could one man look after himself ... using an extra driver to corn cart and perhaps using targeted contractors to do certain jobs From that scenario How much extra land would you need to justify a full time employee ??
  8. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  9. F

    VAT on rent for a livestock building?

    There isn't any VAT on the rent paid for a building to be used for livestock and forage is there? Although it wouldn't make much difference, since the farmer could claim back the VAT if it was charged.
  10. H

    Uk footprint on global biodiversity report

    Just launched today by the Environmental audit committee. My local mp Philip Dunne is the chair. Not had chance to read it yet, but not got high hopes!
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    AFBI grassland experiment passes 50-year milestone

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland By Jonathan Holland, Agri-Environment Branch, Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute The Long-term Slurry (LTS) site is one of the longest-running grassland experiments in the UK and probably the oldest grassland experiment on slurry applications in the...
  12. Hilly

    Krone big M

    Is it just me or do they not look bloody good value secondhand ? I noticed drew farming life bought one few minor niggles but was blown away with its performance could stop smiling ! Thinking he was felling 30 acre hr ? Worth a punt or bag o shyt ?
  13. Clive

    Red Tractor liars

    This is beyond belief, how can they get away with lying like this ? Can any farmer be in doubt that we need some serious action here where is their London office and who has a muck spreader ? they seem to like bulls**t !
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    Kowbucha, seaweed, vaccines: the race to reduce cows’ methane emissions

    Kowbucha, seaweed, vaccines: the race to reduce cows’ methane emissions Written by Emma Bryce from the Guardian Agriculture is the largest anthropogenic source of this gas, accounting for about 40%, leading innovators to offer new solutions to tackle its bovine source In 2017, Canadian cattle...
  15. G

    Barley 300 euros

    In france so i am told
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Tomohawk steak

    630£ bys you a tomohawk steak in fancy London restaurant, they must be massive and tastes amazing.
  17. J

    Winter Sheep Grazing

    What is the current price for winter clean lowland grazing for lambs or ewes please?
  18. Limagrain News

    Harvest help from the LG Maize Manager App

    Harvest help from the LG Maize Manager App Whenever your crops were drilled, the priority now is to make high-quality maize forage and ensure successor crops can be drilled in good conditions. Timing of harvest is critical to success! If you harvest too soon - content and dry matter will be...
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    Ewe nutrition remains critical during early stages of pregnancy

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Ensuring adequate levels of energy and protein important to foetal development in early days post-tupping says Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco As flocks come through a critical period of body condition gain from weaning to tupping, sheep...
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    Protein levels plummet

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Protein in first cut silage has dropped to the lowest levels for 25 years. Kite consultant Mike Bray has tested silage at a variety of farms, predominately in the south west, and found protein levels as low as 8%. “I suspect the wet weather that delayed...