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  1. B

    4 tracks or 2 tracks

    If you had two tractors that weighed the same, let’s say 10 tonnes. One had 4 tracks such as Soucy tracks and one had twin tracks such as a JD RT or Challenger, which set up would sink the least on moist soil? I am specifically thinking about a drilling tractor where the draft of the drill makes...
  2. D

    Where do I start... Help!

    Ok I will admit I’m a sceptic to some extent regarding DD but will never say never.... so current system plough and combi drill. wold land in North Yorkshire, light bits of fluffy chalk but also more Clay bits with flint among it. Usually in the same field. Land will go very tight if run...
  3. martian

    FT In this morning's paper. You never know what you're going to find
  4. cb387

    Spring beans

    Seed £505 /t. Must be debatable if a cover crop would be a better investment
  5. Wigeon

    Building resilience in heavy soils

    This autumn and last year have well and truly shown the value of soil structure, and highlighted in particular where problems exist. My farm is generally grade 3 heavy silty clay loam with flints, with a decent chunk at 55%- 60% forecast establishment rates, according to Soyl. It also has no...
  6. richheady

    Direct Drilling - Clay soils

    Direct drilling on heavy clay soils is tricky. There is a lot of great advice out there, but from those on many different soil types. As direct drilling hinges on soil I thought it would be useful to have a thread based on heavy-ish clay soils alone. just to kick it of; we have a Weaving GD...
  7. yellow belly

    regular use of kerb and crawler repeated use of kerb and crawler conditions the soil to break it down quicker is this a possible reason wheat rape rotation leads to more black grass looking in to crawler use on winter linseed and came across this
  8. R

    New to diet feeders - advice needed!

    We bought a used Kuhn 20m³ twin auger feeder this week, have no prior experience! We are very short of silage and moderately short of straw, hence the decision. Up until now we've always fed ad-lib silage at the rail, hard grub on top for the store cattle. We run 35 Organic suckler cows...
  9. Corteva Updates

    Optimise your timing of AstroKerb and Kerb with the Corteva Kerb Weather Data service

    Optimise your timing of AstroKerb and Kerb with the Corteva Kerb Weather Data service Download the Corteva Arable App by 10 November for a chance to win! Plan your propyzamide applications with the Kerb Weather Data service (KWD) from Corteva Agriscience. The 24/7 decision support system...
  10. CerealsEvent

    Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition live webinars

    Join us today for the Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition, we are hosting four live webinars created in response to the large number of audience questions posed at the June online event. Each webinar offers an opportunity to ask other arable farmers and industry experts questions about how to cope with...
  11. average farmer

    Leaving spring wheat volunteers

    I have about 50 acres with a good stand of Kilburn spring wheat volunteers growing. Plan was to drill with ww but that’s not going to happen now. what’s people’s thoughts on leaving it as a crop ? Would probably graze with sheep in the spring or roll the sh!t out of it
  12. Great In Grass

    Sunflower seed!

    Standard Sunflower seed, variety "Pioneer". Over 4 tonne of seed available. Must be invoiced and delivered on-farm by the end of December 2020. £1.65/kilo delivered Packed in either 10kg or 25kg bags Offer only available in Mainland GB Goods will automatically be dispatched on a standard...
  13. Corteva Updates

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb Corteva Agriscience will be providing weather data by postcode on their website and on Farming Online, as they have done in the past, but now with greater ease of access through their popular Arable App. Designed for both...
  14. CPM RSS

    Focus on peri-em applications to prolong grassweed control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Heavy rains that interrupted autumn drilling could also further compromise pre-emergence herbicide applications. Growers should now consider options for peri-emergence treatments to target early grass weed control. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Syngenta technical...
  15. bobk

    Do ploughers get bg ?

    If not , there's your answer
  16. D

    Power Harrow Combis, Are they really any good?

    As title. Are they any better than an MF30 drilling onto power harrowed ploughed land after its dried off a bit? To me the weight on the back of the tractor looks horrendous and the dainty little suffolk coulters don't look up to the job. It looks like a steam roller closely followed by smear...
  17. Mounty

    No worms in DD land

    Probably should post this under the DD categories but felt it may not be viewed by non DD folk. Been soil sampling on a couple of large direct drilled farms recently and consequently dug a lot of holes. One of the farms was about 1200 acres, been direct drilling for about 15 years. Stubbles...
  18. M

    Pre peri post em advice

    Hi All Drilled some wheat and barley into lovely seed beds but dry Would you wait now and spray after the rain say Friday or carry on if it’s only light showers ? My gut feeling is with really dry top to get the soil damp then bang on in a couple of days Using trooper/herold cheers
  19. Farm Business RSS

    Consistent yields, competitiveness against grass weeds and excellent marketability make Elicit a soild variety choice for Autumn drilling

    Written by John Swire With Brexit negotiations scheduled to conclude by October 31st farmers would be wise to keep their options open by selecting wheat varieties with both strong domestic and export market potential advises Martin Perry, Senior Trader at Bartholomews Agri Food Limited. “With...
  20. N

    winter oats

    hi whats the best options for grass and weed sprays on oats these days as alot of sprays are no longer available thanks