1. J

    Heat stress

    How does everyone else cope in hot weather? The following isn't going to be very popular but I've done what I think is best for the cows I've shut the field gate and opened the cubicle and feed passage doors today so they don't have to walk very far, have better access to water and shade Is...
  2. jackrussell101

    Best feed wheat variety for DD?

    Hoping to DD feed wheat into a one year temporary burnt off grass ley... and just wondering if anyone has any experience of what variety would be the best? Also, I only have a flat roll and not cambridge rolls... do you think that would matter for when rolling the crop post drilling? Drill is...
  3. MX7

    Towing 2 empty grain/silage trailers one behind the other?

    I see some contractors tow 2 empty trailers from farm to farm . Is it legal to do it? In practice how does one hitch the one trailer on to the towing trailer drawbar.? I was wondering if one towed 2 empty grain trailers from farm to farm, freeing up a tractor to tow 12 mtr header rather than on...
  4. spin cycle

    kansas cattle/beast from east

    firstly i've put this in Agricultural Matters cos i think it's a general issue.....but mods please move if i'm wrong:) secondly.....i think it's ok to be wrong during a debate provided all accept the outcome of the discussion arrives at a sorta productive outcome.....only ego and individual pride...
  5. Stags Agri


    The Online Dispersal Sale Of Telehandler, Farm Machinery & Equipment, Trailers, Attachments (19 High Quality Items) Running From: Friday 17th June - Sunday 26th June (From 7PM) 2022 Viewing Day: Friday 24th June (10AM - 4PM) Alternatively, Viewing May Be Available By Arrangement With The...
  6. C

    Sumo DTS drill. Opinions please

    Son is wanting a Sumo DTS drill and I’m looking for opinions. We have a heavy ish farm in North East uk Have a whole range of equipment already to do the job but looking at more min til to ease time pressure at drilling and as our only employee is nearing retirement and won’t be replaced , son...
  7. Agriland RSS

    New £7.8m tree planting fund launched

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland A £7.8 million fund to support local authorities with the new staff and expertise needed to kickstart woodland creation and tree planting plans is now open. The Woodland Creation Accelerator Fund will provide at least 50 local authorities with...
  8. CPM RSS

    On Farm Opinion – A soil-first approach

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Changing his farming system meant changing his drill for an Oxfordshire farmer. CPM finds out what drove him to seek more versatility from his machinery. When you begin looking at the soil as the solution to tackling blackgrass, you start to unravel...

    Bale trailer question....weight related

    Morning, Say I had a 10T trailer, good solid trailer not done a lot of work but my bales are best part of 800kgs a bale and it'll currently cart 14 with ease when loaded correctly. Two one side at the front then two the other then loaded as normal to stop any flex at the front... How would you...
  10. D

    Westwood T1844 (2011) Lawn Tractor

    The PTO engagement lever on my Westwood T1844 keeps jamming in the engaged position after use of the grass collector unit. Cutter deck works normally. Can anyone suggest what the problem is.. Thanks
  11. Headless chicken

    Disastrous scanning what would you do?

    Scanned today. Seriously sh!t results meaning we have a pile of empty cows. What would other do? Some doing ok in milk not sure if enough to run around
  12. Macsky

    10,000 cattle dead in Kansas It got to 40°C and they all died apparently, I doubt that’s a completely unprecedented temperature there? It got to 42°C in Alberta when I was there and I don’t remember any fuss about the cattle?
  13. Andyrob

    North West Seeds working down land for sowing with the John Deere 6215R & Lemken 6m power harrow

    Stevie working land ready to sow, working away with the Lemken to give a nice fine seed bed for sowing into. 6215R working away with the RTK system #arimagery #grass #farming #agriculture #drone #photography #harvest #silage #baling #lemken #johndeere
  14. N


    On my travels I saw this field of real dark green cereals . I presumed it was wheat . On my return journey I stopped and examined the crop , it looked like barley but wasn't. A quick check on Google confirmed it was rye . Is it a break crop like oats and what sort of yield and value per...
  15. K

    Tick Borne Fever

    Has anyone ever had an outbreak of Tick Borne Fever in dairy cows? A quick rundown on our case: On the 20th of April, I had six first calvers with no milk and high temperatures. I immediately suspected IBR so the vet recommended that we vaccinate. Symptoms cleared up and heifers came back...
  16. J

    Teat dip

    So when the cows are in cubicles I use an iodine based barrier dip which is great, I got sold a barrel of chlorohexadine (I think) based teat dip to use in the summer as the salesman said it was meant to be cheaper (cheaper by the barrel but it's watery so you end up using more of it so probably...
  17. T

    Growing and keeping your own grass

    We have around 30 acres, not all for cutting as steep in places, but most of it could be cut this year as we have had nothing on grazing. Currently we have about 15 acres cut by a farmer that pays us £5ish for big rounds and £1ish for small bales. So around £500 for last year and going forward...
  18. W

    Luximo new grass weed herbicide
  19. T

    Shepherding cost?

    Anybody on here look after other peoples small flocks? 80 ewes ,20 ewe lambs outdoor lambing ewes only, no hard feed, Ring fenced, Labour only ,kit on site iae race and few hurdles, Checking once everyday bar Sundayexcluding lambing, how much you roughly charge for the year? And again any...
  20. ladycrofter

    Turining radius

    We're soon to be working on an old access road, which in the day was fine for a tractor or car. Has a hairpin turn near the beginning which cannot be removed or substantially altered, other than moving the drainage ditches further out. Can anyone give me the maths or whatever to work out what...