1. P

    Automatic stabilisers vs sway blocks John deere 8r

    Does anyone here have experience with automatic stabilisers on John Deere 8r tractors? Can they handle doing heavy tillage? Or am I better to go with sway blocks? Will be pulling a 9 leg subsoiler 40-50cm deep in heavy ground and also some power harrow bed forming work. Thanks
  2. MX7

    What’s the difference between “Regenarative Farming” and traditional “Mixed Farming”?

    As above. I would have thought that the traditional mixed farming system ,utilising Grass leys for livestock, and then planting cereals into those leys is the same as regenerative farming :scratchhead: I am obviously missing something?? Is it the economics of the system , especially if one is...
  3. JPM

    Kuhn - Accord combi drill

    Trying to get the pulley off the back of the kuhn power harrow, tried everything, there was 3 allen headed bolts in partially threaded holes originally... I took them out and screwed them into the fully threaded holes thinking that would release the hub but it’s still solid? anyone any ideas? 😃
  4. Alistair Nelson

    Andrew Ward's Drill Demo Day

    Anybody go? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly? Watching the first video on Youtube ground conditions looked testing with wet clay land and the soil pit actually filling with water overnight!! Interested to hear people who went thoughts? Cheers Alistair
  5. Sorbaer

    Leveling ploughed fields pre-direct/no tillage - ideas/suggestions please

    Family has arable fields on light chalky/flinty land (South Downs) which have been ploughed / power-harrowed /drilled / rolled for years (dont ask me why) and are very uneven and not level when going over the tramlines as seen in my very accurate diagram below. Is painful driving accross them at...
  6. Billyirishman

    Rabe rke power harrow

    Hi, i am looking for a tine drive shaft for an rke rabe power harrow. Cant locate any in ireland at all. Any help thanks. 07894868069 ally
  7. Kevtherev


    Evening all I thought it may be a good idea of a dedicated legume thread for the livestock men. Clovers being the most popular inclusion in a grazing mix. Place to share ideas and info on alternative legumes used in grazing systems. Establishment methods/grazing management etc
  8. Chris F

    New IPCC Climate Change Mitigation Report coming monday...

    Apart from reducing your nitrogen usage in 2022 ;) I be interested to know how many have actually made change to reduce your carbon footprint over the past 3 years? Feel free to add what and why below. I always await these reports with a sense of dread for what it holds for farming. Generally...
  9. Badshot

    Which clover/legume is fastest establishing after harvest?

    Looking to dd clover or similar into wheat stubbles to be my overwinter covers, may add some cheap grass seed if there's any available to give variety. Will any establish fast enough to be useful? Or is it a waste of effort? I graze them normally too. Some will be terminated early march...
  10. Tubbylew


    Never used the stuff myself, but stumbled upon this bbc article which may be interesting to some, apologies if its been posted before https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-60836892
  11. B

    Sowing grass seed

    I know there are many different ways! We have been using a wag tail for donkeys years but have been thinking of cutting out one job and trying to one pass it with a air seeder mounted onto a power harrow has anyone tried this and how has it established? We normally run a chain harrow over after...
  12. Farm Classifieds

    2M039524 - 2021 Opico Grass Harrow

    2M039524 - 2021 Opico Grass Harrow Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Harrows Price: £2750 Condition: New Description Opico 2M Grass Harrows, Year: 2021 How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about...
  13. dubs

    contractors want to roll

    what is the advantages of rolling ploughed ground before drilling, one pass power harrow. contractor turned up yesterday and wanted to roll the ploughed fields before sowing barley land was ploughed jan-feb time and is firm enough. asked him to put on a front press if concerned Is there any...
  14. grangenolvinfarm

    New Holland T6.160 AutoCommand purchase

    Hi guys. looking to upgrade from a TM130 to a T6.160 AutoCommand. has anyone any experience with a T6.160 AC or could point me in the right direction of one for sale. My main job for the tractor will be ploughing with a four furrow plough. something the tm130 has little problem with, should the...
  15. MX7

    Question for those of you contract farm , farms, estates etc.

    As we are now farming in times of very high input prices but hopefully high out prices, how are most of the farmers/ landowners reacting to the situation. Are they saying no problem I have the financial resources,(not necessarily from farming) so Lets carry on as before, OR are some saying I...
  16. K

    Mf 7718 calibration

    Our new too us 7718 is jumpy on the reverse shuttle when it gets hot, forward is fine it's just when going in to reverse, can anyone let me know the procedure for calibrating the shuttle, it may need a solenoid but first step is try the calibration. Thanks
  17. hoyboy

    Selling neeps / swedes

    Hi folks, we've managed to get a pile of neeps lifted. Neighbor wanting to buy some off us and I'm wondering what the going rate is for them?
  18. Farm Classifieds

    T228739A - Used Maschio 6m Aquila Power Harrow

    T228739A - Used Maschio 6m Aquila Power Harrow Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Power Harrow Price: £7500 Condition: Excellent Description Maschio 6.00m Aquila Power Harrow, Rear mounted Hydraulic folding, Flexi Coil rear...
  19. Farm Classifieds

    T2028739 - 2010 Kuhn HR4004D Power Harrow

    T2028739 - 2010 Kuhn HR4004D Power Harrow Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Power Harrow Price: £8950 Condition: Excellent Description Kuhn 4.00m HR4004D Power Harrow, Rear mounted, Rigid Flexi Coil rear roller, Quickfit...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    AM000199 - 2021 Vaderstad NZA600 Harrow

    AM000199 - 2021 Vaderstad NZA600 Harrow Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Harrows Price: £28250 Condition: New Description VADERSTAD NZ AGGRESSIVE 600 TINE HARROW ROAD LIGHTING KIT, 50MM TOWING EYE...