1. Elanco Technical Advisor

    The true cost of ketosis lies in effect on cow health

    The true cost of ketosis lies in effect on cow health Kate Heller MRCVS Elanco Ruminant Technical Consultant and Dairy Farmer Approximately 75% of disease in dairy cows typically happens in the first month after calving (Ref 1), with around half of dairy cows experiencing some sort of...
  2. epfarms

    Autumn calving nutritionist South West

    Does anyone have someone that they would recommend? We calve seasonally through late Summer and Autumn and often find that cows don't do as well as they should. I think our main issues are poorly balanced buffer feeding when out at grass, poor protein/energy balance when housed usually resulting...
  3. supercow

    Down cow

    Probably lost count the amount of ‘down cow’ threads on here. But abyway, experience tells me I’m wasting my time, but a cow that had her 9th calve 2 days ago went wobbly this morning, had calcium when she calved. Put her in a pen and gave her foston and antiflamitory, went back she’s flat out...
  4. jerseycowsman


    hi all, we've had 9 cows with ketosis so far this spring (we spring block calve). We might get 1 or 2 most years. It's a hell of a jobbto get them back too. They've had a full course of keto said and steroids. This brings their blood ketones back to where they should be, but they still don't...
  5. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    Top selling Vet Meds at the moment

    A quick update for the top selling Vet Meds for Animal Health all available on Farm Marketplace for the upcoming Spring season including, Rotavec, Locatim, Baycox, Volac, Kexxtone, Needles, Rispoval and Trodax. Log on to Farm Marketplace for the full range of Livestock & Animal Health and...
  6. coomoo

    Ayrshire cattle

    Never answered your question about Bulls @Big_D In the past I’ve worked with some top Ayrshire herds but avoided using them myself until I was up and running. Looking to dip my toes into the breed now. Any tips/things to look out for tff Ayrshire cow men?
  7. stablegirl

    Gordie Jones AHDB Meeting

    Last night i attended a AHDB meeting with Gordie Jones at Penrith, it was brilliant over 110 people there he spoke for 2.5 hours solid and i never saw a single person asleep. He was genuinely extremely good. The evening was over subscribed, not everyone who wanted to go could get a place...
  8. F

    Pre calving dry cow diet

    hi just wondered what other people's diets are for cows 3-4 weeks off calving , just I have been experiencing some retained cleansings,the milk fever is ok tested some cows fresh calved and there calcium status was ok ! The cows are looking well before calving but I have been getting 1 out of 8...
  9. Eminus

    Minimising Body condition loss

    Just wondered what's the best way to add extra energy to the diet to minimise condition loss without feeding extra sugars or starch. The last time we added Megalac we had a drop in milk. We don't feed tmr. Thanks in advance
  10. H

    Cow down

    Cow went down with milk fever before calving, had calcitrace bolus and bottle of calcium, this perked her up and had an assisted calving not tight and cleansed. Still can't stand up, can lift her with hip lifter and she walks about absolutely fine, eats and drinks but when she parks up again she...
  11. H


    Anybody tried it, boosts cows immune system around calving. Used it here on about 50 cows and I seen a definite reduction in antibiotics.
  12. Sid

    McDonald's antibiotic free Wow thats a hell of a commitment. I don't think its possible or will it leadto a two tier marketplace? Treated and untreated?
  13. farmerste

    Velactis - *Now suspended*

    Anybody using velactis, our vets have been encouraging their clients to use it on certain cows as an aid to drying off, havent used it myself but for anybody who has you should maybe read the link below...
  14. happycows


    Any theories behind lots of twins. Driving me crazy. Just been out and cow due to go dry in days slipped 2. That's 4 out of last 6 which is getting beyond a joke. I've always had more than average. Third Calver fortnight ago had 3rd set of twins in a row..all sexed heifers and was born one of a...
  15. HasthorpeGrange

    Longest dry period

    How long will you allow a cow to be dry before you decide to kill her instead of dry her when Incalf? Could be interesting Also how can I explain to someone grass doesn't grow for nothing? And cows shouldn't be kept dry for 7 months because they will be dry through the summer on cheap grass...
  16. buffalo_soldier


    Blooming things:mad:. Must be at least 18month since my last one. Then 2 In 24 hours, and to cap it off they are both RDA's:(.
  17. Ballygreenan

    Energy Deficient Cow

    I need as many expert and genuine opinions as possible on this one please. Our oldest cow (7 years old) went down today with what seems to be energy deficiency. She is currently on an extended dry period as she is carrying twins, her first set. Four previous calvings have gone without hitch...
  18. llamedos

    Will All Livestock Production be Antibiotic Free?

    From USA Consumer perceptions, retailers and legislation are changing the way livestock are raised in the U.S. Dining chains like Panera Bread and Chipotle have been marketing antibiotic free meats for some time; McDonald’s will soon join their ranks. Meat packer Tyson Foods is moving towards...
  19. jimmer

    Transition cow

    Kextone boluses, warm water energy drink , temperature checks, and the rest of the new fangled things some people do to fresh calvers is it really worth it
  20. C

    Cubicles - sand, straw, mattresses

    We have recently built a new cubicle shed, and are putting up another shed in due course. We have already decided on Teemore cubicles, but are struggling to decide what to put in the bottom of the cubicles. Currently we bed the other 220 cubicles with straw. Straw is cheap in our area at the...

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