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  1. Cows 'n grass

    How to feed cows?

    Seven years into my CFA and we finally have some decent infrastructure. For this winter I will get by with the machinery I have but looking forward to next winter I'm still struggling to work out the best way to physically feed silages to the cows. This is the layout we nearly have now...
  2. J

    feeding big bale silage

    does anybody use ashear grab to split round silage bales at the feed barrier
  3. glow worm

    Life after cows

    When your world has revolved around cows for many years, when you have reared all the calves and built a beautiful pedigree herd virtually from scratch, when everything is arranged around time and milking etc, when non farming interests are zilch, when friends are non existent because you lead...
  4. L

    shear grab replacment

    Currently have a 3 ram 6 ft (1.8m) Mchale shear grab , 11 yrs old never bent/snapped a tine no cracks or welds but starting to show some wear, now Mchale don't make these grabs anymore where do we turn for a replacement. Don't like the Prodig shear buckets as we set blocks out intact along a...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Attention to detail needed to get best from grass silage

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The latest results from Trouw Nutrition GB confirm the early indications for the prospects from first cut grass silages and provide new information on second cuts and wholecrop. They highlight that considerable variability means forages will need...
  6. Jackov Altraids

    Silage in October

    I've just finished harvesting and its looking like I'm 80 bales short of what I'd like. I could go and chuck some fertiliser on this weekend and aim for another cut but I haven't intentionally tried to silage in October before. What is the opinion of the TFF collective?
  7. N

    Trailered or self propelled sprayers

    Considering a budget of 15000. Do you go for a old self propelled or a newer trailered sprayer,
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Urea based grain treatments provide relief to growers in the face of market shortages

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business With national shortages of grain preservation products including propionic acid being reported this season, growers are being urged to look towards urea and enzyme-based grain treatments to maximise the quality of home-grown feed. Global stockpiling and...
  9. J

    Pea Straw

    Anyone use pea straw to feed to cows? Is it any better than wheat straw when fed in a diet? Thanks
  10. Cmoran

    Treating barley with maximum?

    I’ve just purchased 30 tons of barley I usually treat it with maximum to feed to lambs but it’s only 15% is that to dry to treat? Or is there other options
  11. jackrussell101

    Wholecrop to dry cows?

    Does anyone on here do it? Grown it for the first time in years. Usually feed 18kg grass, 2-3kg straw and then just some standard dry cow mineral at 0.1kg a head. Would I simply replace the straw and some of the silage with the wholecrop to make the ration work?
  12. D

    Complexity kills small businesses?

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. If all I did was grow one particular crop or concentrate on one particular enterprise then my life would be whole lot easier and most likely more profitable. I think this is what has changed re small mixed farming businesses. Whether it’s sheep...
  13. stretch3050

    Electric motor for driving a baler

    Looking to have a static baler in a shed. Does anyone know who supplies large electric motor units to drive balers and feeder wagon?
  14. Agriland RSS

    Dairy Focus: Prevention better than cure in Co. Antrim

    Written by Brian McDonnell from Agriland In this week’s Dairy Focus, Agriland made the trip to meet the McLean family on their dairy farm near Straid, Co. Antrim. Roy, his wife and their six children are currently milking 85 to 90 mainly Holstein Friesian cows, supplying milk all year-round...
  15. A

    Case 4230

    I am looking at buying a case 4230 and was wondering what thing on the tractor I should check. Thanks
  16. Agriland RSS

    Kuhn cross conveyor feeder range extended

    Written by Justin Roberts Kuhn has increased its range of diet feeders capable of feeding to either side with a further four models. Known as the the Euromix 3 CL series, they have hopper capacities of 28, 33, 39 and 45 cubic metres. Each are equipped with three vertical augers, which, along...
  17. Ukjay

    Oil from Exhaust Manifold

    Hi Whilst tipping some muck yesterday, I noticed some oil seeping from the exhaust manifold nearest the cab on our JD 2140 / 2040 as I was getting back into the cab, so would this indicate the start of worn valve stem oil seals? Doesn't smoke for something this age, so not burning oil at a...
  18. W

    Tractor hours

    How many hours is reasonable for a second hand tractor? I understand some is more then others but my understanding is limited to distance on cars, not hours on tractors unfortunately. Thanks.
  19. Henery

    Mouse plague in Aus....... what a mess.

  20. Beef farmer

    Cake Price Tracker

    Whats the collective thinking? Few options for this winter, none of them very exciting! Buy your cake wrong and milk price slip 4p and it wouldn't be that great! Stick or twist, who knows where the price is heading. People saying a bit of rain and the price of raw materials will fall, In a...