1. Ormond

    Lush spring barley

    Ive a couple of fields of spring barley that's are very lush....what would be the best pgr to go in at and at what rate, ideally to thicken the stem and take a bit of future height of it. It's just started stem extention. I've canopy, moddus and cerone in store.
  2. Colin

    Cerone rates

    What rates do people go down to and still get some effect. Got Zulu, istabraq and skyscraper on light land, 200kg n already had split moddus and one 3c only knee high 24" at the moment and flags are nearly fully out. Pretty thick crops but very springy. I'm thinking 0.3 on all of it for...
  3. F

    Gleam and Skyscraper wheat

    Any one growing these varieties how are they doing interested in planting some this autumn .
  4. Feldspar


    Have flag leaf poking out by about an inch in 6th October drilled Siskin. Anyone care to venture how long until its likely to be ready for T2? @Fromebridge, is NIAB doing leaf emergence predictions for T2 timings (I guess it's not so tricky as T1)? Thinking of doing the equivalent of 1 - 1.25l...
  5. teslacoils

    KWS Extase

    Ok, for someone who pays a *lot* of attention to varieties this one has slipped by my radar. Ace septoria Stands up High bushel Good yield Not late to cut Could some growers shed some more light on it? Looks French, so does it tiller well? Cover the ground quick? Is it spindly like cordiale...
  6. Wobblebox

    Solid Trenexapac ethyl

    Ive got some of the above and some of them have a solud lump at the bottom, has freezing caused this and whats the best way to liquify it?
  7. Flat 10

    Reducing topik rates

    Have plenty of oil how low can I go, wouldn’t normally cut but messed up order :facepalm:
  8. bobk

    Broadway star wetter .

    Would fungs do the job ? normally apply BS on it's own .
  9. W

    Getting a little dry

    I know I know not as dry as Australia, but for growing good wheat 5 mm of rain so far this month following an exceptional dry winter is not go to be filling the barn, let's just hope we get a 15mm-25mm before the end of the month. Every year in the east mids we see to have a spring drought now.
  10. Clive

    This is a book..... ......

    ......... that should be compulsory reading for every farmer, farm worker, agronomist, politician and input supplier In fact it should be compulsory for any human being that eats to read...
  11. ajd132


    thoughts? In Suffolk we have only had a couple mm rain in the last month. Personally we have good disease resistance varieties. Can’t find any disease present. Didn’t get a T0 either. If it doesn’t rain do we need to put fungicides on?
  12. W

    Growth regulators

    Do I dare miss a T0 growth reg out on forward lush winter wheat gravity? Sprayer out of action and feel forecast is dry and I normally regret spanking the wheat as the weather dries up. Also feel tight and don't want to spend on contractor while mine is being fixed!
  13. S

    Barley agronomist V wheat agronomist

    got 5 litres of this(see picture below) in the store and want to use it up. Barely agronomist says put it on the wheat, wheat agronomist says put it on the barley. In general which crop would be the best to use it up on. Barley is having some helix(prothioconazole and spiroxamine) and Impreza...
  14. Clive

    2019 t0

    whose planning what (if anything ) ?
  15. RAF

    Tank mixes

    Looking to mix feeder k ,optE B and optE man all togeather . Each 2 L/Ha . Agronomist is worried they might go gloopy ? Any one done this ? Don’t fancy glueing sprayer up Thanks
  16. farmer dave136

    Nitrogen on canyon spring oats

    only second year of growing spring oats I gave them 80units acre last year what’s everyone else give them??
  17. Goffer


    anybody using circle ( rebranded moddus) on osr ? And if so what price / litre . Just been discussing it today with agronomist and at £39/ l at 500ml / ha I ain't so sure ??
  18. TFF

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Welcome to the Chemical Price Tracker Thread on The Farming Forum. When comparing "quote" prices, please note the date any answer was posted as prices changes rapidly in the market. You can view transparent prices on Farm Marketplace here - We...