1. M

    5/10 year Business plans

    Hello, I’m looking for some advise/help does anyone provide a service that can help create a Business plan for a tenancy. We are current young farmers farming 2 small bft but looking to progress futher. We currently have 55 suckers, a small flock of sheep, a few pigs we have about 50 acres plus...
  2. N


    Having banked with them for more than I remember they needs forms filling in to confirm I am who I say I am and business details .Think it all to do with covid
  3. B

    Agricultural banking

    Hi all. Here in Norfolk we've lost our Barclays agricultural managers,and have to use a centralised agricultural team, no more discussing rates over coffee and hobnobs. How are others getting on with banks and are they doing the same thing. Cheers
  4. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    I see there's an offer on S10 smartphones but they are locked to either vodafone or EE . Is this permanent , or could one be changed on to giff gaff if necessary ? My S9 is just looking a bit weary . I'm not worried about the better camera - I'm happy with the one on S9 , so would it be a...
  5. Whitepeak

    Which Bank?

    We need a new bank for the farm business. Up until recently dad has been trading as a sole trader with a personal account with santander. Now I've become a partner in the business so we need a business account, hence why we need a new bank/account. We've narrowed it down to the ones with...
  6. Chae1

    Paying for selling items privately

    When buying or selling things privately what's the best method of payment for both parties? A bank transfer as I'm aware isn't instant. I want to transfer the money to other party when I view/pick item up. Them to be 100% sure its paid. Same with selling I want money to be in my account...
  7. M

    Help needed suspected scam??

    Hi, please can anyone help? I purchased a tractor yesterday online. Spent thousands on it and today I receive an email saying they won’t deliver it until I pay the tax, which they will refund once I receive tractor. Seller confirmed vat was included to me yesterday. Does anyone know a company or...
  8. puntabrava

    Recommend a bank please

    I have banked with Lloyds for 45 years, the Level of service has deteriorated over the last five years, I have been moved to a belligerent Edinburgh round table of cheap salaried degree holders. I wished to renew a one year lapsed 50k overdraft facility to buy a few secondhand lorrys that are...
  9. nonemouse

    HSBC “safeguarding”

    Anybody else getting so pee'd off with this process of ‘identity verification’ and information gathering that they are prepared to tell them where to stuff their bank accounts? I’ve wasted hours on this in last 2 months, between various business accounts and partners private accounts and...
  10. L

    Good time to buy

    Keeping it short, thinking about buying a buy to let property, waiting to see what's in the budget but the 5% deposit mortgage and government backed thats rumoured seems good, I will be classed as a first time buyer as have never bought a house before, as my house belongs to the business. So...
  11. Cowabunga

    NatWest identity verification

    They have been pestering me for this for months, and I assume they have been pestering many other businesses the same. I have a problem in that firstly the WhooYu app just will not accept any of our passport photos. No matter how many times, in different light we try, and so on, it just will...
  12. S


    What can I do if my sisters will not release the deeds to a farm that needs to be registered for probate ?
  13. J

    Yield per acre of silage/hay

    Just doubting myself and the figures I'm using and am currently trying to make sure I've got enough land for next year. Figures I was using: 2.1t dm per acre first cut (mid may) 1t dm per acre second cut (end of June/early july) 0.5t dm per acre third cut (mid august) 0.5tdm per acre fourth...
  14. Agriland RSS

    NFU holds virtual banking forum centered around the transition to net zero

    Written by William Kellett Lending appetite from the UK’s biggest banks hasn’t changed despite Covid-19 fears, with the financial institutions now also helping to finance the transition to net zero, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) Banking Forum heard. December 2020’s forum, held virtually...
  15. Danllan

    An honest answer from Remainers / EUrophiles, please...

    Quite deliberately, I'm asking this before we find out if there is or isn't to be a deal and, either way, on what terms. We all understand how sad you are about the Referendum result, honestly, and we get how generally irritated, disappointed etc. you are with the situation now as a whole. But...
  16. Farmerpickle

    Borrowing money for a farm

    I'm currently looking to buy a farm. I intend to sell the one I currently own for planning later on down the line. However, I could with a decent bank manager to lend me the money to buy the farm. I was going to go with my bank which is Lloyds but the bank manager, who I've never liked, keeps...
  17. F

    Switching from NatWest business account

    Has anyone who banks with NatWest been sent all the information about switching away from them and actually done it. I’ve just looked into it and it seems we could be entitled to a £4K hand out for just leaving NatWest to another business account with another bank. Is this genuine? Seems crazy...
  18. supercow

    Payment before delivery

    Hi, seen a grand wee tractor we need for our small holding a hours drive away in the tractor. Iv seen a tractor online and the dealership is demanding payment before delivery. Was just wondering what people’s thoughts were. It isn’t local
  19. Agriland RSS

    Webinar to focus on ‘Financing Future Farming’

    Written by William Kellett Farmers and crofters across the UK are invited to join a webinar on “Financing Future Farming” next month. Chaired by NFU Scotland’s Next Generation chair, Pete Moss from Orkney, the event is a unique collaboration involving Next Generation groups at NFU, NFU Cymru...
  20. M

    Barclays Bounce back loan

    Probably been covered before but, Has anyone had any trouble applying for a bounce back loan with Barclays? I’ve been trying to contact my local ag manager but not returning calls, filled in the call back on the website but nothing yet. Not impressed! Has anyone had better luck with other banks?