1. D

    Mconnell power arm

    I'm looking for a back actor for my tractor and have seen one on ebay but it's called a power arm and has no seat so it has to be operated from the tractor cab how awkward is this and is it very practical compared to a backhoe, back actor or ditcher and I'm not to sure what the difference is...
  2. V


    Looking for pickup but unsure what to go for, currently run couple of l200s . Doesn’t do huge miles . Thinking something 3/4 year old 30/40k miles or less. Crew cab spec. Thoughts are a hilux or another L200. See Navaras at cheaper money generally but wouldn’t know about them,advice ?
  3. T

    Best 4WD?

    I’m looking for a 4WD 4x4 pick up - any recommendations? Looked at a Hilux today as heard they’re pretty good but wasn’t 100% sure. Looked like there was a bit of rust on the frame. Want it for reliable towing of livestock trailer. Ford Transit just doesn’t cut it!
  4. S


    Phew. Or £13,735 deposit and £313/month for 3 years which equals £695/month, and then it's another £14,000 if you want to keep it. You can buy a whole garage of interesting cars for that!
  5. scrubbuster

    Isuzu D-Max handbrake releasing!

    Had an incident today. Fortunately no one was hurt. The handbrake on my 2016 Isuzu totally jumped off. It was fully applied and was parked on a slope. It definitely released as opposed to not being applied as it was too much of a slope to have stayed where it was for any time let alone the 10...
  6. paul&mandy

    Is it just our hunt?

    We contract shepherd and the bloody hunt keep turning off our wire and leaving gates open. Some land owners we graze on take it more seriously but I'm fed up chasing escapees about. They only seem to liaise with gamekeepers as there obviously in the same clicky club. What's the best way forward...
  7. Daniel

    Tesla Cybertruck

    Looks like Tesla have displayed their new pickup and its....... challenging!
  8. How much

    Rivian electric pick up

    Now I really like the look of these , they have been mentioned on here before there are good few videos of them on the net now and they look good and they could be genuine option in the future , no doubt they will be at the premium end pricing wise but they seem very well designed .
  9. Ukjay

    Navara Tuning

    Hi Has anyone had the Litchfield remap on a new Navara, as I am contemplating getting it done, as the map appears to improve the power curve to a more usable level, and it is not serious money, and claims the fuel economy improves also:
  10. JP1

    Ford Bridgend plant under threat Fears for 1,700 jobs as Ford set to close Bridgend plant The car maker, which employs 1,700 people at the site, has called a meeting with union leaders on Thursday. By David Mercer...
  11. L

    Which New Pick-Up Is The Best Vehicle To Get?

    I currently have an Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Utah and I will be looking to change it. But I don't want another Isuzu due to the very poor experience with main dealer and Isuzu UK's attitude. I also want to ensure that I am out of this vehicle before the know engine issues start accuring. I am also not...
  12. S

    i am thinking of buying 14 foot flatbed trailer

    I am thinking of buying a 14 foot trailer and I was told there is 8 week waiting time for Ifor Williams and even longer for Graham Edwards but a Nugent from the agent at Velindre is available straight away.... I have heard some not too good reports about Ifor Williams but nothing about Nugent