1. le bon paysan

    Soylent Green

    Not biscuits, drinks! Green too!!
  2. Northantsplants

    Help needed with fungicide spray timing

    Hi All I am researching the potential for using one of our novel organic bio-fungicides in conventional cereal crops. The product in question is chitosan, which can be used in the UK/EU for fungal disease control. For more details see: I was...
  3. casemx 270

    Lack of insects

    I see they keep banging on about insect decline when out on the sprayer especially with a flowering spray on the osr ( no insecticide) I saw plenty of insects and butterflies .
  4. Agriland RSS

    Import controls on plants postponed in policy U-turn

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The government has announced that the remaining import controls on plants and plant products will no longer be introduced in July. DEFRA has suggested that the decision was aimed at helping British businesses to focus on recovering after the pandemic...
  5. puppet


    In the Telegraph reported as if the whole of UK is spreading digestate which is far from the truth. I suspect it is all concentrated in some areas and of course no indication as to how plastic gets there in the first place by people flushing stuff and finding its way into our sewer system. If...
  6. Farfrae

    Simpler Times?

    From The Eagle comic, 1956. It all looks very pleasant not a drop of rain or bit of mud anywhere.
  7. Fuzzy

    BPS code for Bean+OSR twin crop

    What BPS code should be used for a twin crop of Winter Beans and Winter Oilseed Rape?
  8. box

    LIC CellSense/Saber SCC - Any good?

    Evening Anyone familiar with this system? I've just come across some second hand LIC CellSense units (and the 24v power supply) at a very, very sharp price. No idea if they work or not, but I'm prepared to take a punt. What kind of reagent do they run on? Is the cheap CMT (or what we call...
  9. W

    Elections 22

    Well I’m done with the conservatives for one reason. Their hell bent charge for green energy. Just seen Boris interviewed and he’s already lost 100 councillors but set to loose upto 300 with the biggest issue being cost of living crisis. He refuses to tax the energy companies repetitively saying...
  10. andybk

    Where is your wool going this year ?

    shearing under way , is everyone still going to stick with the wool board , or taking it to the Irish ? half a mind to split mine see what the difference is this time , will have about 20+ bags charollais and a few bags zwartbles , Seem to remember i had about £60 last year for dozen bags off...
  11. BSPB News

    Import controls postponed in policy U turn

    The Government has announced that the remaining import controls on plants and plant products will no longer be introduced in July. DEFRA has suggested that the decision was aimed at helping British businesses to focus on recovering after the pandemic. The announcement has been welcomed for...
  12. DrDunc

    Weeds in grassland, what to do?

    I've a field that's contains a fair few broadleaf weeds. Clover is looking well, pH and nutrients are fine, and only other issue is lack of actual grass in places. It's intended to be cut for haylage at the beginning of July Should I spray off the broadleaves now with MCPA / 2.4D and check the...
  13. Billy Sugger

    Pre inspection/ audit service

    Hi looking at providing a pre inspection or audit service to get farmers ducks in a row, either Organic Red Tractor or buyers remit, good idea for farmers under pressure ? Very good background knowledge of requirements and criteria.
  14. Greythundercloudys

    Silage grant in Republic of Ireland 100 euro a hectare.

    Just read this 100 euro a hectare for the first 20 hectares to help with prices of plastic etc, nothing over here. Surprisingly enough.
  15. D

    Large scale electrolysis

    Have a client interested in this and starting to hear more about it on the circuit. Has anyone had anything to do with this at a commercial scale? Looks like water and a large amount of cheap electric are needed but what else? How viable might it be?
  16. L

    TAX !

    Can anyone recommend a tax specialist, our tax bills are getting ridiculous, we need some help to make our business more tax efficient, we use a large firm of accountants that are very good but too efficient, and would like a different set of eyes to see what could be done, its turning into a...
  17. S

    GS2 scheme

    We're organic dairy and last few years have had some off ground on a grazing agreement, converted it to organic and the landlord claims the payment. They've just let me know it's now in GS2 and bit by bit what the rules are, highlights; No cutting til 1st July No dung spreading until 1st July...
  18. S

    Get excited everyone! Monbiots new book

    George has a new book out soon I'm quite interested in how he pitches it so I'll be buying a copy. On balance I think he's one of those "expert on everything" types in a conceited way but I have enjoyed some of his last...
  19. T

    How’s your supermarket

    Ok so i nipped to the shops today for the wife, one whole area was missing and had been replaced with wallpaper shelves and all the veg was Spanish - and very dirty ??? , hang in there boys we might just be respected yet !
  20. Oldmacdonald

    Garden agronomy.

    Got a few invasive weeds in the garden, so hoping a knapsack of something will sort them out. Ground elder And some sort of buttercup - not the creeping sort. MCPA all I need?