1. jackward6170

    Kverneland LO

    looking at a LO85 max 5+1 How will a lo perform both onland and infurrow on 28 boards? will it plough ok on land as a 5 furrow or will it be ‘too offset’ and constantly be pulling the plough to one side and making the tractor constantly fight? Only really having a +1 as it is slightly cheaper...
  2. ORFC

    ORFC Global 2021 Opening Plenary

    Opening plenary with speakers and farmers from around the world. Featuring: Colin Tudge, Sam Lee, Anna Lappe, Nnimmo Bassey, Morgan Ody, Erin Matariki Carr, Te Kahurerema, Nury Martinez, Tshering Ongmu Bhutia, Alice Cunningham and Taiko Drummers
  3. Dry Rot

    Lynx -- they're back!

    https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/news/consultation-begins-on-return-of-lynx-to-scotland/ Mention of a consulttation but I can't see a link? Well, they are tryers anyway. Has this any connection with the multimillionaire Dutchman who is allegedly the biggest landowner in Scotland? Cwis is there...
  4. C

    Mobile drier 12 ton

    As above, looking for electric drive, preferably automated and diesel/kero fuelled.
  5. cotswoldcs

    Kale/ Turnips alternatives

    I've been growing kale, turnips, hybrid rape here in a rotation for many years now. I've got one field, currently in fodder beet that's got a problem with charlock and I'm concerned that putting it in turnips/kale this spring will result in a mass of charlock. What would you recommend as a...
  6. Serup

    Spring wheat vs. spring barley

    How common is spring wheat in the UK? In Denmark it is almost non existant. I have to grow a lot of spring crops, because of cover crops. I can use wheat to feed my cows. Barley we would rather not feed in these amounts. My history with growing barley to malting specification, is not...
  7. Yorkshire lad

    Reverse drive gearbox

    I’ve been offered a Man truck engine and I’m thinking of using it to drive our Mecmar drier Problem is the engine drives in the opposite direction to a tractor pto Any gearboxes that I’ve found are light weight that drive hydraulic pumps This engine is 180 hp and drier takes 100hp so I need...