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    Sedaxane gains British approval for use on malting barley

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Sedaxane, the SDHI active ingredient in Syngenta’s fungicide seed treatment Vibrance Duo, has now been accepted by the British Beer and Pub Association and Campden BRI for use on malting barley. Charlotte Cunningham reports. This acceptance is an important...
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    Real Results Pioneers – Trialled to be trusted

    Written by cpm For 30 years, a farm in Somerset has carried out on-farm trials to find dependable varieties and fungicide programmes. CPM visits to find the same approach is now being applied to decision support tools. When a genuine step-up in chemistry comes along, you see the difference in...
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    Root and yield-boosting seed treatment gains UK approval for spring wheat

    Written by William Kellett UK spring wheat growers have a new seed treatment option for this season’s plantings, with news that the SDHI-based fungicide seed treatment, Vibrance Duo, has gained UK approval for the crop. This adds to the list of cereal crops that the seed treatment can now be...
  4. Syngenta UK

    Autumn Guide - Learning Lessons from the Past

    THE IMPORTANCE OF MULTI-SITES History clearly tells us that single-site fungicides used without the addition of a multi-site can quickly succumb to resistance evolution. Alternative multi-sites such as folpet can be used to manage resistance and extend the life of existing chemistry. THE...
  5. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  6. Flat 10

    Future Chocolate spot control

    So this year wasn't bad and didn't really show up loss of CTL. Going forward are there any EAMUs for existing products on the horizon or maybe possibly new products? AFAIK I know current approved triazoles and strobs have limited effects on Choc spot. My hunch (and a quick google) is that...
  7. kevindb880

    Spring Barley regrowth

    We are going to cut some Planet spring barley today, the moisture was 12.5% yesterday so it’s pretty dry but there is a heck of a lot of regrowth. We could end up with a lot of Green grains in the tank. What’s the best thing to do with it? Put on the floor in a heap and blow with cool air? Or...
  8. colhonk

    Continuous Wheat

    Any continuous wheat growers out there? What breed are you finding is the best for 3rd + wheats? Run out of options for rotations, osr kaput, linseed seems a no no especially up here on clay,spring crops Ha Ha Ha,this year has shown once again the feutility of them here.😞
  9. robbie

    Winter barley varieties for 2021

    With the winter barley harvest under way has anyone given any thoughts as to which varieties to grow next year. Around here they all seem to be equally as disappointing whether its hybrid, convention two or 6 row. I'd also be intersted in which varieties have the best straw yield. I think...
  10. shakerator

    Paying agronomist by yield results !

    Any thoughts on this !
  11. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  12. Bossfarmer

    "Will crops survive" poll????

    crops ok at the moment but with the heat getting up and a dry June forecast how does everyone think their crops will fare? will later drilled stuff stand a better chance if rain comes in july? will crops sown after muck ploughed in be able to draw moisture from that to keep them going...
  13. D

    The NFU backs gene editing. Do you ?

  14. Zippy768

    Anybody NOT t2-ing, t1-ing etc because of frosts

    Unusually cold this week. Another frost this morning, so at least 3 this week now. Have T2 on wheat to do, T1 on SB and some beans to tidy up. All mixes containing a herbicide. Anybody not applying with such low night temps?
  15. U

    Hung out to dry ?

    I heard a snippet of news this morning on Radio 4 concerning something in todays Financial Times about the proposed trade agreement with the USA & a relaxation of standards to get the trade talks moving and in particular "agriculture ".Perhaps other forum members can put some meat on the bone on...
  16. G

    Frost and septoria

    We've had our 4th ground frost during May. Question is, how will this affect septoria? Will it have been enough to kill the fungus? Added to that, it is also dry. They were only light ground frosts, but each leaf was white with frost.
  17. Adama News

    T2: the key spray timing for wheat

    With the T2 spray timing for wheat crops rapidly approaching thoughts turn to providing adequate protection to the top two leaves to keep them clean and disease free. T2 fungicide treatments are the most significant in terms of protecting final yields as it is this spray timing which provides...
  18. Adama News

    Chlorothalonil Deadline Looms

    Arable growers warned not to ditch multi-site fungicides as chlorothalonil deadline looms With the final use-up date for chlorothalonil rapidly approaching, arable growers in the UK will need to switch to folpet to maintain effective protection against cereal diseases such as septoria in wheat...
  19. snarling bee

    T2, anybody using Revystar??

    Is anybody going to use Revystar at T2, would a low rate work as well as a good rate of the slightly older chemistry if you spend the same ££. My best wheat is Extase, so Revysol would be a bit OTT, but I have got a decent block of Crusoe which might benefit.
  20. Adama News

    Folpet: A unique multi-site for now and the future

    With resistance to single site fungicides making foliar diseases in wheat and barley increasingly difficult to control growers must use a multi-site fungicide such as folpet to provide effective protection and prolong the viability of azoles and SDHIs.