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    Latest drill from LEMKEN offers mixed drilling depths

    Written by Justin Roberts Last year LEMKEN launched its Solitair 9+ pneumatic seed drill. This year, the company has launched a development of the machine which has, as a notable innovation, the ability to sow two adjacent rows of seed at different depths. Termed the “Duo” version, the new...
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    Claydon patents revoked after initiating high court battle against Mzuri Ltd.

    Written by John Swire Strip tillage seed drill manufacturer, Claydon Yield-o-Meter Limited alleged that Mzuri’s popular Pro-Til and Pro-Til Select single pass drills infringed their UK patent no. 2,400,296 and their European patent no. 2,051,576. Maintaining that there was no infringement of...
  3. R

    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
  4. D

    ELMS in the real world.

    Have just been having a read of some current threads:
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    Vaderstad acquires US-based Agco-Amity JV LLC

    Written by John Swire Väderstad AB, one of the world’s leading companies in tillage, seeding and planting has acquired 100 percent of North Daktota-based Agco-Amity JV LLC (AAJV). AAJV – also known under the name Wil-Rich – will be fully integrated into the Väderstad global group of companies...
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    Kverneland extends area for C&O Tractors

    Written by John Swire Kverneland’s dealer network continues to go from strength to strength, and the latest change is that of more area for C&O Tractors, this time through its Blandford Forum, Dorset depot. This new announcement means that the full range of Kverneland implements is now...
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    Axema report mixed fortunes

    Written by Justin Roberts Axema is the major machinery trade organisation for France. It claims to represent 90% of the Agricultural Equipment sector, including both manufacturers (69%) and importers (31%). Recently it released its 2020 economic report along with some notes on how it views...
  8. W

    Blackgrass chemical attack

    I know there’s another general BG thread but this is just a particular question about chemicals. Basically what are your ‘chemical’ approaches to BG. We aren’t doing a proper job so looking for ideas please.
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    Kverneland Accord TS EVO tine drill 4m

    Kverneland Accord TS EVO tine drill 4m Advert added by: will reynolds @Bovril Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £18000 Condition: Excellent Description 2014 One owner from new. Owner operated. Electronic accord metering. Unlocked for...
  10. M

    a mutant tractor with iron wheels

    Good evening to all! Greetings from Greece. Im Kostas and i'm kiwi farmer. But here i make a video with rice seeding. A small video with a tractor with iron wheels. A conversion from, normal wheels in iron ore, so that it can enter areas with water for growing rice. A conversion that some of you...
  11. shumungus

    Spraying Docks and associated weeds on grassland.

    Been quoted £110/£120 per 5l of Forefront. what mixes out there would do the same job for less money. What is that like as a price for Forefront?
  12. Hillside

    Tractor comfort

    After another day bouncing about on a tractor with cab and front suspension that leaves me sore at night what is a comfy tractor to sit in all day and not feel like a can of irn bru ready to explode 🤯!!
  13. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  14. H

    Greenstar Flagging

    Hi guys, I’m running Greenstar 3 on an auxiliary monitor in a JD9560R and have been trying to flag rocks while seeding. I brought up the flag button and set it up in the mapping menu and it all works fine (point flagging). But I recall from harvesting last year that when you get closer to a flag...
  15. W

    Smallholding advice.

    Hello, Future smallholder from West Wales here. I plan on buying a smallholding in the near future with my partner. We are based in West Wales and will probably buy something fairly small (3-5 acres) to keep a couple of sheep, chickens etc. If we take to it, really enjoy the lifestyle - we will...
  16. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  17. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...
  18. Albert

    Optima maize drill

    Hi guys I'm having problems with my kverneland optima maize drill One of the optisensors is playing up. I'm hoping it may just need cleaning. How do I get to the optisensors on the drilling units to clean them? Thanks
  19. W

    Wages for employee

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advise please.. I was on the books two years ago on 9.50 a hour, after working all the hours under the sun it worked out on my overtime I was taking home 5.80 a hour after my deductions. I spoke to boss and said this ain’t fair why would I work extra to take...
  20. BTT UK Ltd

    Bourgault Tillage Tools from Canada invest in UK agriculture.

    PRESS RELEASE 27.04.2021 Canada invests in UK Agriculture. Canada’s leading wearing parts manufacturer, Bourgault Tillage Tools, is investing in UK agriculture by setting up a subsidiary business, BTT UK Ltd, based at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Bourgault Tillage Tools are not new to UK...