1. Hay Farmer

    Another new beef herd thread

    Cattle advice needed please - sorry for all the questions, but it’s a bit difficult to chat to my neighbours for advice at the moment. I’m considering buying a few native breed cows / heifers, possibly polled and certainly docile. They will live outside all year round, on permanent pasture...
  2. DevonDuckie

    How is coronavirus affecting livestock auction marts?

    Hi. Can anybody on the inside let me know how coronavirus is affecting the livestock markets anywhere in the U.K? Are you still able to attend? Are more people going deadweight? Are any marts under threat of closure as a result of social distancing measures? Have any of you been to a market...
  3. Greythundercloudys

    If market don't get back to normal buy August?

    Obviously this virus is going to take along time to sort out, maybe a year of lock down or some kinda restrictions, so what's going to happen this August when big sheep sales happen, guys can't hold stock on upland farms till October, and what about tups, breeding sheep, 6 months isn't that...
  4. Clive

    Things TFF can do to help through the C19 crisis

    So we have been looking at things we can do with what resources we have to try and help our industry function as normally as is possible though these very difficult times so far we have come up with the following - will become free to all existing dealer users and any...
  5. Sid

    Livestock markets options and ideas during shutdown

    From the tracker thread
  6. SellMyLivestock

    1 Pedigree Stabiliser Breeding Bull

    Cappele Unsain a Beef Maker grandson is a phenotypically correct bull who is in the top 20% of the breed for £Profit Index. Unsain has a 2* Weaning and Finisher index, meaning he would suit a commercial breeder who is looking to produce maternal replacement heifers whilst maintaining carcass...
  7. gone up the hill

    Livestock Markets may be closed from next week

    Talk today at Sedgemoor livestock market was that ALL prime and store livestock markets will be stopped from operating from some point next week! Apparently Wales are intending to shut their livestock markets from Monday. Apparently it was touch and go yesterday if todays market would be...
  8. H

    Quick question

    How much do highland cattle sell for?
  9. G

    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    I've about 150 lambs, and have always sold them via box sales... However with lamb prices the way they are I'm thinking I might be as well to sell a lot of them deadweight. But I've never done this before and have some questions I'm near Frome but I don't want to send them to the market. How...
  10. SellMyLivestock

    20 Aberdeen Angus Store Heifers, Steers

    Pure Aberdeen Angus calves from medium-sized cows not pushed will do well on any system. from TB accredited herd 8 years clear bvd free. prmt valid until Feb 28th so would like to move them on 9 steers 11 heifers Click here for more info and login/register for price
  11. SellMyLivestock

    4 Pedigree Charolais Breeding Young Bulls, Bulls

    4 pedigree Charolais breeding bulls Great temperaments and fantastic figures including calving ease. Proven quality pedigrees. Farm Assured Click Here for more info and Login/register for price
  12. Poorbuthappy

    Advertising working dogs/ puppies

    I see in the MVF newsletter they say they will be unable to advertise pets/ working dogs/ puppies due to a change in the law. I presume this is something to try and clamp down on "puppy farms" but anyone know any sense? @Clive will this affect advertising them on here do you know? How are we...
  13. SellMyLivestock

    Situation Vacant Business Development Executive- South West

    Location: Homebased anywhere in South West England SellMyLivestock operate the UK’s leading agricultural output marketplace for Livestock and Feed & Bedding. The platform is underpinned by products that enable online trading, such as escrow payments, finance and haulage booking. We have doubled...
  14. SellMyLivestock

    Situation Vacant Customer Engagement Executive

    Location: Rowlands Castle, Hampshire SellMyLivestock operate the UK’s leading agricultural output marketplace for Livestock and Feed & Bedding. The platform is underpinned by products that enable online trading, such as escrow payments, finance and haulage booking. We have doubled in size every...
  15. bread bin

    Where do folk sell collies now?

    Where do people advertise/ sell working sheepdogs now they aren't for sale on facebook? As all the groups I was part of our nomore.
  16. SellMyLivestock

    20 AA X Heifers

    All from the same farm Out of big framed Holstein Friesian cows BVD tagged Named sire 3-4 months Click here for more info and login/register for the price
  17. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo heifers for sale
  18. waterbuffalofarmer

    water buffalo bull calves for sale
  19. waterbuffalofarmer

    10 pedigree Lleyn ewes for sale
  20. SellMyLivestock

    For sale: 50 Pedigree MV accred Lleyn Breeding Shearlings

    MV accredited Enzo accredited From a 1000 ewe flock Performance recorded Focussing on maternal traits Would also be ideal recipients See more here: