1. M

    Potash Soil Deficiency

    Recent soil analysis is showing K levels at 0 on a lot of the cutting ground. PH around 6.0. The margins around the fields are showing good growth but can see where I’ve cut last year very clearly and the yields don’t look very promising! Is MOP the best long term option? And if so where would...
  2. Headless chicken

    Liquid fert bowser

    Is there any reason we couldn’t secure multiple IBC’s to our bale trailer, plumb together and use these as a bowser? Or any other alternative suitably safe options. Travelling about 4-5 miles
  3. Wobblebox

    FYM or digestate solids?

    I’ve been doing amuck for straw deal with local pig farmer for a while now and he has just been approached by a local-ish AD plant which should hopefully be commissioned by Oct, they asked him if he’ll supply the AD plant with muck and we’d get the separated solids back. The small benefit to me...
  4. Agriland RSS

    NI in-depth: What does NI’s Climate Change Bill actually mean for farming?

    Written by Rachel Martin There has been a lot of talk about Northern Ireland’s proposed new Climate Change Bill as it begins its passage through Stormont. Agriland northern correspondent Rachel Martin takes a look at what’s included in the detailed document, as well as its potential...
  5. CPM RSS

    Focus on nutrition for milling wheat bonuses

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Growers of high quality wheat are being urged to consider applying a range of crop nutrients at the critical flag leaf stage, as bonuses up to £20/t are being offered for milling wheat with a protein content of 13% or more. Charlotte Cunningham reports. With...
  6. M

    What fertiliser to spread

    Hi. I just got my meadow field soil sampled and I know I need a lot off lime, and my P is very poor. I need to spread fertiliser this weekend and need help on what to sow. I know it’s not going to be great but I am not sure what to go with. I’ve attached pc picture below Thanks
  7. G

    Homemade acids

    I've been using caustic water (made with ash lye) as the ingredient for some detergents, so that the resulting graywater is biodegradable and useful for irrigation. I haven't had much trouble with it for some time, given that the soil I'm working on is somewhat acidic, so the potassium...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Hit milling wheat bonuses by focusing on nutrition

    Written by William Kellett Growers of high quality wheat are being urged to consider applying a range of crop nutrients at the critical flag leaf stage, as bonuses up to £20/t are being offered for milling wheat with a protein content of 13% or more. With wheat prices currently sitting at...
  9. Yale

    Calibrating a Simtech (Grassfarmer)

    Don’t use the drill a lot,less than 100 acres from new so everything in tip top condition. Calibrated yesterday and meticulously followed the protocol.Even did a live run so to add in a bit of vibration. However sowed short yesterday but last year ran out of seed by quite a margin. Calibrated...
  10. G

    Seed drill enquiry

    Hi, we know we are a few weeks late in the year, however we have a small holding and need to know what type of seed drill we need to sow pumpkins. The farmer across the road has helped prep the land but he has not done pumpkins before so couldn’t advise us. Any advice greatly appreciated it is...
  11. Agriland RSS

    Time to get maximum benefit out of your fertiliser

    Written by Brian McDonnell Although in many parts of the country land is tender at best, in other parts ground is in reasonable condition. If this is the case on your farm, now is an ideal time for spreading in order to get the maximum benefit of your fertiliser. Despite most of the country...
  12. Ormond

    Lush spring barley

    I've some very lush spring barley....It's around gs 30/31....was thinking of pgr of either 1l/ccc/ha with 0.15/0.2 of moddus or canopy around 0.3/0.4....any help would be appreciated....had plenty of N so needs shortened a bit going forward and thickening of the stems as the tiller count is...
  13. ZXR17

    Fibrophos v Sewage sludge

    Which is the best for raising phosphate indices ? I use both but Sewage sludge is becoming a real pain with damage caused to tracks and fields when tipped in wet conditions . There is also the smell issues when spread and also the not so beneficial ' extras ' that come with it .
  14. Andrew B

    Soil carbon is a highly flawed climate policy ?

    These two articles by By David Pannell ( from Australia) has certainly made me think The comments section is worth reading too as I believe these policies are going to...
  15. L

    32ml pipe.

    I’ve got 1km to roll out. Is there as easy way ? 150 m rolls
  16. Badshot

    KV spreading charts

    I've had a geo for years, changed for a new one this year which has a book half the size for settings, which doesn't have nitram in it!!! Got on the settings page on tellus, doesn't give the option for prills, and doesn't give anything close to nitram. Tried the app, same. What's happened? It...
  17. Greythundercloudys

    Big young lmb loss in Stirlingshire.

    Any one who doesn't realise how cold the weather around my area has been should see the Scottish farm, guy from Dunblane who breeds alot of tups, lost over 40lmbs one night last week with the cold weather, that a terrible thing to face in the lmbing field, he's a very cheery guy but that must...
  18. Z

    Liquid fertiliser question using 27% CAN

    spring barley needs a quick lift any way i can melt 27% CAN , to run it through the sprayer to give it a quick boost ? ZM
  19. N

    Nitrogen on beans

    Anyone ever applied liquid N or N/Mg to beans to perk them up a bit? Look cold/pale/weevily.
  20. Macsky

    Lifting pH without lime?

    Can soil pH be lifted by cultural methods, without the addition of lime or the likes? Drainage? Cultivation?...