1. Massey 6470

    Rear vf tyres

    Xeobib 710/60/38 vs 650/60/42 tyres for a 200 up 4 cyl
  2. its.... only me

    710/60/ x 42 v 650/75 x 38… which is best !

    I am looking at several second hand tractors all same model/ hp. Some have 710/60 x 42 & 600/60 x 30 & one has 650/75 x 38 & 600/65 x 28 tyres. Which would be the better tyre traction-wise for ploughing, sub-soiling, X-pressing etc. ? We have a slightly smaller tractor on the 650/75 x 38 &...
  3. K

    Ploughing with 710’s tyres

    Good evening. I am ploughing with 710mm rear tires and a lemken juwel 8 plough. Its a very nice piece of kit but some times i find difficult to match the furrows. I usually plough 16-18 inch width. I read somewhere that if you ploughing with wide tires you have to set the front furrow narrower...
  4. Massey 6470

    Wide front tyres

    What width of flotation tyres are people running, I’ve 800/65/32 on the back and current fronts are 540/65/28s but would like wider
  5. bigrigg150

    tyre wear........run soft or hard.

    Had some michelin 710 xobibs on a tractor that have worn to not alot after 3000 hours, usualy get at least 5000hrs on previous same tractor same tyres same work load. I think michelin are literally using there well known name to rob people now with there ridiculous prices and chocolate tyres...
  6. M

    600 front wheels on a 6155r

    Will a set of 600 make much difference to the turning circle compare to a set of 540 on the front of a John Deere 6155R
  7. ian828

    VF tractor tyres

    Looking at a set Bridgestone VF 710 70 42. Not had any experience with VF tyres and choose is limited at its a new build tractor so only being offered Bridgestone or Michelin in VF. I could put a set of non VF 710s on and change them to a set of VF of my choice and sell the non VF ones
  8. D

    To dual or not to dual

    Is it better to squash down half the width 2” or twice the width 1”. It’s pretty wet so anything run on will suffer. The eradicators will dig out my wheelings to some extent. Also they are big heavy barstewards that are an utter pain to get on and off, and often seem to be at the back of the...
  9. Stw88

    On line tractor tyres

    Do many people buy tractor tyres on line? look reasonable prices. Which web site is best. Will obviously ring local suppliers as well but thought it was worth having some prices to bounce off them. Sadly need a few 😒
  10. copse

    6215 r tyres

    Have had a demo on 650 tyres and thinking it would be better on 710 s what have others got on theirs? Like the tractor and they have a few ex hire but all on 650s . Will be used mostly for ploughing and drilling. Thanks
  11. S

    John Deere 6130R XeoBibs

    What are people’s thoughts experiences of above? I know a few on here are running 650/60R38 how are you getting on with them? They have slightly smaller diameter and sit a bit “lower” than 600/65R38 standard tires, has this been an issue, annoying for anyone. Have also read that you can...
  12. Banana Bar

    Best all round tyre

    Need some new tyres on a JD 6215, 75% of its time is pulling a trailer, bowser. Occasionally gets put on the rolls or cultipress. Ideally would be able to let the tyres down to 1 bar for rolling, but also need to be comfortable towing a grain trailer at 50 kph. Any recommendations? BB
  13. Greythundercloudys

    Scottish government machinery grants?

    What is this scheme and how does it work, and what machines?
  14. Massey 6470

    Anybody seen this size of tyre before

    Xeobib 650/60/42 seems to be same height as a 650/65/38, although can’t find them on any web pages listed on a secondhand tractor
  15. S

    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
  16. Charles Quick

    Second tractor - which tyre!?

    Afternoon all, Due to circumstances we have decided to replace the tyres on our 20 year old MF6290. It was on Michelin XM108, 650/65/R38 rears and 540/65/R28 fronts. Great tyres in my opinion. Now our front-line tractor, an MF7480 is on identically sized Multibibs, 60% worn. Again decent tyres...
  17. Ali_Maxxum

    Michelin or Trelleborg?

    Which would you choose? On a new tractor. Any user experiences welcome. Could have Mitas again but happy to pay the extra. Not interested in Firestone. BKT not an option. Have driven tractors with both on 650/540 sizes. I've never felt too safe on Michelins on banks, whether they've been pumped...
  18. D

    JD 6130R

    I’m currently using a jd6930 pulling a 4200 Ltr trailed sprayer.. was thinking of buying a Jd 6130r . How comfortable would the same sprayer be on that tractor? Also how good a tractor is it ? Thanks ?
  19. Mounty

    Michelin vs Alliance - Worth the extra?

    Got quotes today on a pair of tyres today 650/75/R30. Michelin Axiobib and Alliance 372. The Michelin's work out £1250 more for the pair. They're also offering £250 cashback until the end of the month so makes them a grand more. Worth the extra wedge?
  20. Danllan

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    A suggestion of @betweenthelines, probably long overdue for most of us, this thread seems like one with a real future to it... :rolleyes: I'll start, something relatively minor, but irritating nonetheless: putting in some thunderbolts to hold a mini-sleeper to a wall so I can attach some rails...