180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat

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180: Desiccation: solutions for the first season without Diquat

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After losing the approval for Diquat in 2019 growers are looking for alternative solutions for desiccation. Gozai and Spotlight, straight or in combination, along with flailing have shown good results in the 2019 trials.
Trials on desiccation will continue this year at our SPot farms.

In the first part of this episode we will discuss with Mike Shapland, Strategic Potato Farm host in the East region, about how they will tackle desiccation this year. In the second part Dr Mark Stalham will talk about the desiccation trials which took place last year and he will also offer an update on this year’s trials.

Guest speakers:

Mike Shapland – Farm Manager, James Foskett Farms

Dr. Mark Stalham – Head of NIAB CUF





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