4 tracks or 2 tracks


If you had two tractors that weighed the same, let’s say 10 tonnes. One had 4 tracks such as Soucy tracks and one had twin tracks such as a JD RT or Challenger, which set up would sink the least on moist soil?
I am specifically thinking about a drilling tractor where the draft of the drill makes the tractor ‘sit down’ to grip. What we keep seeing with tyres (600 fronts, 710 rears) is a chicken and egg situation with wheel eradicators having to be set deeper and deeper as conditions worsen which subsequently causes more draft exacerbating the problem. I’m sure some will say it’s to wet to drill in those incidences but sadly this is becoming the norm for us following veg/root crops and pushing drilling later for grass weed issues.
I’m wondering whether to swap our drilling tractor for something on tracks or to buy some track units for it to replace the current tyre setup. Before anybody asks yes we are running the tyres correctly as we’ve had Michelin out to set them up. These are Mach x-bibs which I know is old tech now but even Michelin said we won’t get where we want with new tyres.


Arable Farmer
4 tracks will work much better as they pivot and follow indulations, 2 tracks put all the weight on the highest point, or ALL at the rear with a big implement on, like a 2wd tractor with no front weights.


North Notts
I use to drill with tractor which had 710 rears down to 10 psi with and without tyre eradicators and we could easily see the wheels every yr unless it was really dry. Now drill with a quadtrac with no track eradiators and it has to be really wet to even notice the wheeling.


Local chap has a twin track Rt Deere and an 8r 4 track. His operator says the twin Track treads lighter than his 4 track but the 4 track is much better on the headlands. Our Rt weighed a lot more than 10t when driven over the weigh bridge, 18t with the front weight on if I remember correctly.


Spot near here replaced a Cat 775e with a JD RX this year but kept their JD twin track.
RX does most of the ploughing, RT still drills with the vaddy :unsure:

AHDB winding down horticulture and potatoes operations as Ministerial decision awaited

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AHDB has announced yesterday it is winding down significant activities on behalf of the horticulture and potatoes sectors.

While still awaiting a decision on the future by Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, AHDB wants to reassure levy payers their views have been heard following recent ballots in the two sectors.

AHDB is now stopping programmes of work that could be restarted in the future by grower associations, individual growers or the supply chain. This work includes for example, export market access and promotional international trade event work, consumer marketing campaigns and market pricing and insight information. AHDB will continue to deliver limited emergency work on pests and diseases, including the Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU)’s and some...