1. Deere 6430

    Plough boards Hydrein

    Could some one tell me if kverneland Hydrein boards would turn the furrow over more AND OR if they would scour better in a clay loam than a dowdeswell UCN boards many thanks.
  2. O

    First time spreading fertiliser

    Hi new to this so any help would be much appreciated, spreading fertiliser for the first time in a John Deere at 540e pto. What rpm will achieve 540e on the clock? Or how many rpm is good enough to run a spreader? First time spreading , running the tractor on 540e at about 1700rpm but at one...
  3. Farm Classifieds

    John Deere 459

    John Deere 459 Advert added by: B and B Tractors Machinery Details Category: Balers Small square baler Price: £8950 Condition: Used Description John Deere 459 baler, Wide pick up, Floatation tyres, VGC How to make contact with the Dealer Click...
  4. Farm Classifieds

    John Deere 6215 R

    John Deere 6215 R Advert added by: B and B Tractors Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £ Condition: Used Description Front and cab suspension Front links and PTO Very tidy straight tractor How to make contact with...
  5. K

    Deutz 8280 - problems.....where do we start? It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has experienced problems and if so what?

    Deutz 8280 - problems.....where do we start? It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has experienced problems and if so what?
  6. Agriland RSS

    Case New Holland buys lightweight boom business

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland There are mixed messages coming from the machinery industry over the future role of sprayers as manufacturers wonder which horse to back – conventional pesticide application or novel robotic destruction. Both Lemken and Fendt have stepped back from...
  7. O

    John Deere 6600 low transmission pressure

    Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help. I have a John Deere 6600, a few months ago the transmission light started coming on after a while of hard driving on the road. Any time it was hot and I hit the brakes the light would come on. It would not take reverse when the light was on, it would...
  8. Matthew Britton

    Matbro TR250-110 replacement

    Our poor old Matbro is feeling her age, other than the usual oil leaks etc today it has lost hydraulic pressure and become even slower than usual. I have a nasty suspicion that the pump is past its best. I have found that although not in stock it can be obtained from White House products for a...
  9. R

    John Deere 3350A front loader hydraulics problem

    Hi everyone!!! Greetings from Croatia. My first post!!! I usually do hydraulics for excavators, but rarely I do work on tractros as well, if I can't wiggle my way out of it :) Friend has 3350A with front loader and wants to upgrade the distributor as original one is leaking and he wants to...
  10. B

    Protech valve block

    I’ve got a protech post knocker that I need to convert to closed centre for use on an old John Deere. I’m assuming I’ll need a plug or two but there’s no names other than protech on the block. I’ve had plugs off a TFF member before for another machine but I can’t remember his name! Cheers
  11. C

    Spear thistles in new ley

    I’ve a new clover/grass ley that was planted last spring, is a good ley but is now absolutely covered in spear/boar thistles. Anything I can spray with that won’t harm the clover or plantain ? Or is it going to be a weed wiper job, it’s a 30 acre patch so if I could get away with spraying it...
  12. Wigeon

    Cabless electric tractor

    It was the most beautiful evening today, and I'm just in from spraying. My evening was spent in my glass box, trundling up hill and down every 36 metres, admiring some spectacular views, at my favourite time of year. But then I thought to myself actually, this is a bit rubbish. Might as well...
  13. J

    Claas diesel tank

    Had a slight incident with a new set of front duals on a Claas arion 620 (12) and the diesel tank, not a good day. Does anyone know if they can be properly repaired or know of any decent tractor breakers. Further north the better as we're in Aberdeenshire.
  14. D

    Welger RP 220 Master advice

    Hi everyone. I have bought a Welger RP 220 Master with 7000 bales on the clock. Have heard that the netting system can be a pain. What nett is the best to use? John Deere? There is full set of knives with it and i was thinking if i shoud sharpen them? Never run a Baler before so any tips will...
  15. B

    AGCO cyber attack

    As if coronavirus and component shortages are not enough in causing massive delays in the production and delivery of new machinery, it would seem that AGCO has been targeted in a ransomwear attack on the 5th May that shut down production until a couple of days ago...
  16. bawheed

    Lely storm metal detector

    Hi, we were having bother with the metal detector on a lely storm 130 at the end of last year, can't remember exactly what it was doing but would basically be going fine then would click out like it had picked something up and you couldn't get it to drive again. We've run it up the other day and...
  17. tomlad

    'Old ' spud elevator digger

    Pulled out of storage I believe spud or root at least trailed elevator digger, looks complete Will be cut up soon but seems a shame 😕 Ive seen them with retro 3piont hitch so mounted for headlands .... Pr3 preston. 'Offers invited ' 😃
  18. D

    6200 jd radio not getting power

    Wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom. Our 6200 John Deere radio isn’t working, I have checked all the fuses, all fine. Had the radio out and connected to a battery so it definitely is working. Just not getting any power up at the radio nor at the 12v outlet in the cab. Any ideas?
  19. Stewartry hill

    Telephone poles

    As title looking for a load off used telephone poles where is worth a call
  20. G

    Boris on the ropes