1. W

    Starfire and EE

    Is anyone else having problems with their starfire losing signal? We have a 3000 dome and apparently the reason is because of an recent upgrade to the EE network which uses very similar bandwidth/frequencies. I made the point I have paid for a service, but John Deere want me to pay for the upgrade…
  2. B

    MF 7719 experiences

    Hey everyone, having a look at some new tractors. The Massey 7719 S has caught my eye. What are peoples experiences off them?
  3. C

    Which 100/110 hp loader tractor

    Hi Needing to add a 100/110 hp loader tractor to be used round the yards but also capable of mowing and carting bales down the main roads. What are peoples recommendations? Currently have a tl100a on 10000 hrs has been faultless but needing more power and strength Thanks in advance
  4. Heathland

    Case Axial Flow 240 series/250 series combines

    Can someone who has had dealings/know something about these combines,tell me what is the main difference between to two ranges. I know the 250 series is the latest range,but too me they look very similar.:scratchhead: Had a quote for a new 250 series but could possibly look at a good used 240...
  5. Robt

    H8 battery

    Ok, stupid question of the day! Wife’s car need a new battery. (Not my specialist subject ) it’s a H8. what is best? It’s a Volvo XC70 d5
  6. D

    Itchy dog

    Collie is scratching all the time presume some kind of parasite any suggestions appreciated
  7. Jim G

    Ford Ranger - Oil dilution

    Hi all, I was just after a few opinions regarding a problem I've got with my Ford Ranger. I feel like the dealer and Ford are taking the mick, but I aren't getting anywhere. It came up with a "Powertrain malfunction / reduced power" message in July, so took it to the dealer who said it needed...
  8. C

    British Tractors

    Hi, probably been covered before but; we all want the consumer to buy British so........ If I was to buy a new tractor 120-150hp which make would support most British jobs? Thanks.
  9. 2140leo

    John deere 6910 hitch

    Hi would anyone know or be able to send me instructions of how to calibrate a john deere 6910s hitch? Thankyou
  10. Northeastfarmer

    John Deere 6000 series replacement mudguards

    The rear mudguards on our John Deere 6000 series have all cracked and dropped off. Has anyone bought replacement ones from MDE AGRIPARTS If so are they any good….many thanks
  11. J

    30.5-r32 wheels

    30.5-r32 or 800/65/32 wheels wanted for john deere 6910/6920
  12. M

    JD workers on strike. Wonder how this will affect orders / parts. The excuse will probably be used for delays even if not part of the problem
  13. fermerboy

    JD 6130R price??

    Speaking to my mate today who priced up a new JD 6130 R with a JD loader and I was staggered at the price quoted. Seemed very steep to me! :oops: :oops: Could anybody here give me a fairly accurate idea of price for an outfit like that?? Think it was an Autopower, or maybe an Autoquad, not...
  14. Stone_1956

    I need help !

    Hi, Can somebody tell me if this is trustworthy dealer : RAIL & PLANT SOLUTIONS LTD ? I Haven’t been able to find any information on it yet so hoping you guys know something. I was in contact with them with someone called Lucas Martins and they told me that all the machinery...
  15. cubby

    Overseeding clover

    What are the views on the best machine for overseeding clover into open swarms we have a Duncan renovator and an Erth agriseeder but was thinking more a gutter for more shallow seed depth opinions please
  16. H

    The uk

    Feels very angry at the moment I don't think I know a time when been such anger and frustration, Why are people getting so angry ?
  17. Direct Driller Magazine

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling

    From ‘No Hope in Heck’ to Regenerative No-Tilling Ian and Dianne Haggerty are using the concepts of “Natural Intelligence Farming” to build a regenerative enterprise focused on zero tillage, livestock integration and biologically sourced inputs that boost their soil resources and...
  18. solo

    Union Workers on strike in USA .

    John Deere factories affected by this . Not just the UK having employee problems.
  19. B

    Green energy powered by bullsh!t

    Recently we were lucky enough to have countless energy firms starting up & saving the planet by signing up millions of like minded customers intent on doing their bit by supporting these companies with their green energy. Now here's the really strange thing, virtually all these so called...
  20. 2140leo

    Grimme variant hydrualics

    Hello recently bought a grimme variant thats was run on a MF 6480. Im now running it on a 2140 john deere and she seems to run it fine but where is the screw located to set for closed centre hydraulics? any help be greatly appreciated Leo