A Good Prospect for Wynnstay’s Maize in 2020


A Good Prospect for Wynnstay’s Maize in 2020
By Dr Simon Pope

A new high-yielding maize with extremely high feed quality, called Prospect, was revealed at Wynnstay’s and Limagrain Trials Day, held at Bangor on Dee, near Wrexham, North Wales.
Prospect is newly listed on the 2020 NIAB/BSPB descriptive list and Wynnstay’s Crop Protection Manager, Dr Simon Pope says it looks “outstanding”.
Dr Pope says another new very early variety called Gema is showing great promise. This variety is not due to appear on the NIAB/BSPB descriptive list until 2022, but it stood out in Wynnstay’s trial plots across several sites over the last couple of years. It also looks well in Limagrain’s trial at Bangor on Dee, so it is one to watch for the future.
He explained, “Limagrain used their NIRS equipment to analyse 32 samples of maize, representing 11 varieties, taken from Wynnstay’s customers’ crops.
“The results showed a range in crop maturity of 17.6% to 33.1% dry matter. The target dry matter at which to harvest maize is around 32%, and a quarter of the samples tested achieved dry matters of 30% or higher. The highest dry matters were regularly recorded for the variety Reason.
“Starch percentage ranged from quite low levels in some of the later maturing varieties, up to a respectable 30.6% for earlier material. This would continue to increase by a few percentage points between the time of analysis and the date the crop was harvested. A large proportion of the samples with the highest starch levels were from the varieties Reason and Prospect. Metabolisable Energy (ME) ranged from a low of 11.1 MJ/kg, to a high of 11.8 MJ/kg, which again was recorded for the variety Reason,” he said.
Wynnstay’s Arable division is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of crop production products to arable and grassland farmers and Wynnstay is the third-largest cereal seed producer in the UK.
Limagrain is a fast-growing, farmer-owned international co-operative group, specialising in agricultural and horticultural seeds, plus cereal products. As the fourth largest breeder and seeds marketing company in the world, it employs 10,000 people with a turnover of more than 2.5 billion euros annually.

For more information on our varieties available, speak to a Wynnstay Arable Specialist.

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