Can I lose weight when exercising?


But is real bread that much better? I mean it still has heaps of sugar and salt, no?
real bread made with good quality grain (going to get shot down in flames here) that's grown in fertile soil and not lashed with spray regularly is bound to be better. All food actually, they reckon that there's half the minerals/vitamins in beef now than there was long ago due to the use of synthetic fertiliser and boring crops of shallow rooted ryegrass that don't root deep to lift their own nutritients.
Grass doesn't have the minerals/elements in it= cows don't get it from the grass= humans don't get it from the cows. It's why we eat a big meal and then come back for something else fairly quickly, we aren't empty and hungry but we're being told by our bodies that we haven't got the nutrition we need so we eat more and then get fat, can't exercise because we don't have the motivation to get up and go.
Read an article at the weekend about gluten intolerance, they reckon the symptoms of gluten intolerance and the effects on lab rats fed with roundup laced food is very similar.... It's odd how nowadays there's so many cases of gluten intolerances...

The article on magnesium deficiency was a good read too...


I’m not a bread man, I gave it up a few years ago in my packed lunch. If I eat even a slice of the crap really really white bread I feel terrible, slow, tired, then after 2 hours of it spiking my blood sugar levels I’m starving again! I still eat it sometimes but it’s not in my diet and I do not miss it one bit


its really not rocket science , where people go wrong is setting unreasonable goals so become demoralized.

what i would suggest is firstly Eat less , and or drink less if you are drinking beer and or sugar drinks . say you have 3 can of pop a day cut down to 1 or two , same with beer .

food do the same , don't have any crisps or chocolate in the house its just too tempting , say you like a pizza have only one per week , same with takeaway only one per week if you try to cut them out you will just demoralize yourself eat 3 meals a day , especially breakfast but not something like sugar puffs or a full english have some porridge or granola that will keep you full till dinnertime , but again if you want a full english have one a week.

at the gym just do stuff that keeps your heart rate up a bike , running machine , you needn't run just walk fast up a slope if you are sweating you are burning calories , most good gyms have a tv on the machines to relieve the boredom some good bikes in gyms you can race yourself ,or a virtual competitor, don't bother with lifting weights , there is to much time wasted between sets when you heart rate drops .

and above all don't take any supplements you don't need them your body is full of energy in the form of fat and you need your body to use it not wait for top up !!!
That is basically what worked for me . I still ate/eat what I want but smaller portions and found more water worked for me. If i want a pizza , I have a few slices with a pint of water rather than just having the whole pizza , same with crisps or anything .

Diets got boring quick and weight loss never lasted long , loose a stone , stop diet , gain a stone and a half seemed to be what happened with me.

Was a 40" waist in 2013 , had a back op and then joined a gym 2014 only doing cardio. Managed to get down to a 32" waist for a while a few years ago but happier at 34 .

I find my weight can now move around by 5kg over the course of a year but doesn't really bother me as now know why . I take pictures on the scales occasionally as it's easy to remember the lows and highs but easy to forget some of the fluctuations that happen but then get back under control .

3 of us joined the gym , all around the same weight. The other pair did mostly weights which due to my back I didn't . I did cardio and lost weight easier . They gave up but I still go as I don't want to have to buy bigger jeans again after throwing the old ones out .

A few months ago during harvest the back gave me a reminder it isn't 100% , so I stopped the gym for a few months. I left the feeding pretty much the same and as a result have put on a few kg but still in the 34s. Been back at gym for a few weeks and already feel it's heading in right direction , so again the weight gain is easily explained .

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Joined a tug o war team last month, and the first night of circuit training with one of the other team lads was tonight, he's around 5' 10" and 140kg, he's wanting down to 110-115. I'm 6'4" and 101kg, wouldn't mind going up to 110-115. Lass that runs the training worked us as a pair you seem to work harder when you're working with someone, competing almost.
Hardest bit tonight was having your back against the wall, feet together and in a pose as if you we're sat on a chair, thighs horizontal... Try hold that for 3 minutes... I couldn't manage 1 minute without needing to get up, so bloody hard!

Arms were screaming on the first night of tug o war training could barely hold a pint glass but you can't give up, keep on going, stop and you let the others down.
Got paired up with a lad last week, big guy too, two against two, winner stays on... After 4 ends I was fecked!

Given up dairy a few years ago and now I've all but given up tea, down to a few cups a week instead of a 6-7 a day. drink green tea now and quite like it, lots of weak diluting juice. I think dehydration has a lot to do with weight not shifting/general health, not chlorinated/fluoride laced shite stuff though, ditch water straight off the hill is best!
You feel so much better working out!
Old thread I know, i used to do that when we were in yfc . Pushed us really really hard but I loved it, never been fitter. I was 95kg and could run like the wind. Wish I was that fit now

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